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Oh, hey guys, Stan Dale, President Florida SunCoast BMW chapter, hope you’re doing well. Hey, a ton of things going can you believe we’re almost (uh) July 4th weekend coming up here (uh) just a ton of things on our agenda let me go through a couple things but before we do (uh) let me just do a shout out. Hey, we, let’s do a shout out, this (uh) this week to the guys up at BimmerLife, Wes Fleming and Mike Bevel, these guys are just doing an amazing job just some great articles putting out some great stuff and highlighting each of the chapters, so just want to say thanks to those guys I hope they’re watching (uh) but a great shout out BimmerLife hope you enjoy that (uh that uh that that uh) blast that comes out each week and then also (uh) the (the) semi-annual magazine that’s coming out. I know Wes is working on the next edition right now so just want to say, hey and thanks to those guys appreciate that and while I’m at it just let me go ahead and say thanks to all of our support team up at the (the) CCA, man I mean you put in applications for insurance policies whatever the case may be everybody up there is just really responsive and supporting us so just want to say hello to the main, to the main house if you will and thank them for all that they do. Hey coming up on our list we’ve got a ton of things going on, the 25th this is (this is this) comes Saturday by the time you see this will be tomorrow for you (uh) we have Caffeine and Gasoline at our Sarasota, thanks to Rob and Russ and those guys that are supporting that anchoring that up there in Sarasota BMW of Sarasota next door and then we got a ton of folks that come out for that,
also on the 25th Kevin Tipton’s Bimmers, Bends and Brews up at Wesley Chapel area big drive around the (the uh) curvy roads of Florida may not know we have them but we do and Kevin finds them all so got a big drive coming up this Saturday as well if you’re not on that get on that real quick give Kevin a call shout it out look up in our (in our) list of (uh) things to do down below and then we get you on there. On the 7th we have the Bavarian Wirtshaus up in Panhandle, Courtney and Justin doing a fabulous job up in our Panhandle (uh) that’s a Meet and Eat, the food is amazing up there, German House so get on board with those guys. (uh) on the 16th Fort Myers Cars and Coffee thanks to Mario and Carol for getting that set up hosting that and (uh) thanks to BMW of Fort Myers, man what a great dealership, I know we have a ton of good dealerships in our (n our um) in our program all around our state, but (uh) just want to thank you thank all the guys, Dan, Ken, all the guys there, (uh the) the general manager and our parts manager. Man they do a bang-up job for us and we just appreciate them thanks guys we really do like that. (uh) on the 19th is the OCC Tony and Heidi anchoring that program there (um) just an amazing place up in Tampa that’s coming up on July 16th I think that’s the second Tuesday of every month I believe that’s the way that works (um) just an amazing, like the food is awesome you just gotta, go great folks, great venue (uh) great turnout, good place to see. (uh) you ought to go see the American flag. If you haven’t done that huge huge American flag flying over the OCC go take care of that (um) and then on the 19th we have the OC, excuse me, that’s the 19th on the 20th of October (uh) we have the Magnificent Mountain Driving Drive Tour coming up if you haven’t seen that if you haven’t looked down the RSVPs down below and take advantage of that’s a huge drive from Florida to the North Carolina mountains. We’ve got a ton of things planned up there (uh) dinners around the (uh the the) campfire around the creek and some music and it’s great food great drives, curvy roads it’s just everything that does and nice cool weather so (uh) look for October the 20th. I think we’ve already got 40 folks signed up for that so (uh) we’re getting close to the to the cap on that which if you’re interested got to get on there real quick (uh) November 5th of course what I’ve told you we’re working on the Daytona (uh) Corral for the Historic Race Corral and drive on on Daytona that’s November the 5th that RSVP will come out mid to late July so watch for that get your name into that. December the 3rd is (uh) Sebring (uh) that’s the HSR at Sebring and drive on and corral etcetera. This is our eighth or ninth year we’re going to Sebring to do this so look for that (that) RSVP will come out in August (uh) so getting (getting) on things. Hey a couple of things that are on the on the planning table now, just let me tell you about that, we don’t have dates on them yet but we’re planning a track day at The Firm. The Firm is a track up in the north up off of 301 (uh) in northern Florida so (uh) we’re working on the dates and the times that will be an exclusive and that will be a capped event so we’ll only let a certain amount of cars on the track. I think we’ll have the track for eight hours or something like that, so look for that. It will fill up just like that, it’ll be very affordable we promise you that (uh) we’re also looking at a cart racing day we’re working on the dates for that. That will be up in the (uh) probably up in the (um) northern Tampa area but we’ll get to that as well. That’s an outside cart racing deal that’s going to be a, we think it’s going to be a three or four hour endurance, carts will be teams of four (uh) it that’ll just be a blast (uh) if you’ve never done anything like that it’ll be time to get on something like this. (uh) we’re now working on an Autocross in the Tampa area (uh) dates to be determined. We’re (we’re we’re) trying to locate (uh) trying to to finalize location on that, so look for that and then I got Rich Rausser is working on a Street Survival up in the Sarasota/Tampa area somewhere in that range. We’re having conversations now with with Bill out at (uh out at the uh) Street Survival thing so trying to get all that worked out. So (so) just a ton of things in the schedule take a look at all the RSVP’s down below and (uh) get your name on those come on out have a great time with us and as always. Hey it’s coming up on the 4th of July, Independence Day, country needs a little bit of help we got a couple of band-aids on some issues but (uh) pray for our country and (uh) thank you for those that have served and (um) you know let’s get it all back together but come on out have a great time your your chapter is really doing a lot of things. We appreciate you so (um) come out and have a great time with us from all of our Chapter Area Governors from the Panhandle to Jacksonville Ocala down in the North Tampa (uh) Saint Pete/Clearwater area Sarasota area down to Fort Myers/Nnaples area and all points in between if I didn’t tell you come on out and have a great time with us and we appreciate you. Until then, man, hey happy motoring. See you soon, okay, thanks.

Stan Dale
President, Florida Suncoast BMW CCA


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