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Hey there, just wanted to  say “hey” …
Happy Motoring…

Stan Dale
President, Florida Suncoast BMW CCA

Hey folks, Stan Dale, President Florida Suncoast BMW. Hope you’re doing well. Hey this is our pre-4th of July video, thought I’d get this in real quick before the holidays hit. Having a lot going on, let me start the top of the state. For all the folks of the Panhandle, hey out in the Pensacola area, you should have gotten an email from us this past week. We’re trying to really get that that territory up and going we got some plans. We have a couple of folks up there a little late in the charge Courtney and Justin are up there doing some really cool things trying to get in touch with you and see the interest and put together some revival meetings if you will, so to speak. So, if you see the email come through don’t delete it. Please click on it and let’s (let’s) get that place up and going. We have some Cars and Coffee things going on in Tallahassee and we also have some really good plans coming up for the for the Gainesville/Ocala area a couple of car shows coming up here in the (in the) late of 3rd quarter early 4th quarter. Pretty excited about that, got dealership involvement there so really looking forward (really looking forward) to (to) some of those plans are materializing. As we come down the coast, we have a big drive gonna be in July. Kevin Tipton put together another drive for us and you’ll see the details down in the link below so click on that get involved in that drive about a hundred miles and we’re going up to the to the (to the) bakery so hey you want to be there I think it’s going to start of Fields out in Lakeland, Fields BMW out of Lakeland, with some cars with some coffee and donuts and you’ll jump in the car to a really nice drive out through the woods and end up at the bakery. So you want to get involved with that that’ll be a lot of fun. And then July 13th there’s a new thing happening watch for this (click on) there’s a new venue there in Tampa and we’ve got some – it’s this just a – Rob Stewart is taking over this planning area for that south Tampa area to St. Pete/Clearwater, south Tampa area and we got a great event coming up on July 13th Tuesday. You want to get involved coming from around at all the areas. I’m going to try to drive up and be there as well, just, these folks are just rolling out the carpet, sort of a Red Carpet (Red Carpet) entry, if you will and then they’re stacking our cars in, we have the bright lights after dark, we have a bright lights on the cars for pictures of stuff, great food, music, the whole nine yards. You want to look at that, get involved with that. Again, Cars and Coffee stuff down here in the Fort Myers and (and) just (just) things are breaking everywhere. Just as a promised. We’ve got some folks that are really engaged and really helping us out, really taking charge of (of) the events and so we’re also looking at having some conversations about some track days (track days) up at the Firm, if you know where that is, that is, up off of 301 Ocala then sort of east of there, the Firm, so we’re looking at doing some track days and those kinds of things checking into those kinds of things. So here’s what I want to know “are you track person? if you are and you’re seeing this video, or you know another member that does not see this video, I need (I need) to know whose interested in track days specifically. So I can email back to up to what will help, go on our website look up the email address down below me just send me a quick note, “Hey Stan, I’m (I’m) one of those guys want to do track.” If we have any interest we will fund the process and bills some track time here, but I need to know that there are people out there that want to do this and are willing to go to these track locations. We’re also checking in to the West Palm Beach track and (and) of course the Sebring, we’re always looking at Sebring, but of course, the cost there is just (just) phenomenal so we’ll have to team up with the Porsche guys and see if we can do a double down in Sebring. So a lot of things going, so if I don’t get a chance to see you before the Holiday, have a safe Holiday and is always, Happy Motoring, see ya now, thanks.

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