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Hey guys, good morning, Stan Dale President of Florida SunCoast BMW, hope you’re doing well. Hey we’re down here at (uh) Germain South in Naples Florida for their first Cars and Coffee on this (uh) new property and man what a turnout this morning we put some of our cars on the deck this morning inside the building, we have some (uh) some great food going on, coffee and the whole nine yards going on, a lot of conversation going on this morning and a ton of cars. I don’t know if you can see it outside but we have a ton of cars on the deck this morning all over the place we probably have 100 cars out here in the parking lot and then we have a ton of cars back in the (uh) back in the shop area as well. So (uh) folks coming out seeing the (uh) seeing this is just a real good launch for this weekend. We’ve had two great new events (uh) this weekend the one in at Lakeland, Fields Lakeland and then here at Germain in Naples so just wanted to (uh) to tell you. Hey man we’re we’re busy the calendar is full, we have a ton of events going on, so we want to make sure that come on out and (uh and) take part of the events. We’ve got this going on all over the state as we’re building out (uh) as we’re building out opportunities to come out and (uh and) do the chapter stuff. All folks from all different ages and (uh) all different car builds and new stuff, old stuff, it’s just all the legacy stuff is here, it’s amazing. So (uh) come on hey as we say get off the sofa come on out and play this is the kind of events that just really it’s what it’s all about for the car club, getting out having a chance to see some really cool stuff but also making new friends and (uh) and talking tech, talking cars, talking all kind of good stuff but (uh) come on out and join us. Thanks to (uh thanks to uh) John Casco with (uh) with the Germain BMW this is our first launch and I think we’re both happy we were just talking about it a few minutes ago how happy we are with the launch and so (uh) stay tuned there will be more for here. Talk to you soon have a good one, see you, Happy Motoring guys.

Hey guys, good morning, Stan Dale, President Florida SunCoast, hope you’re doing well. Let me introduce you to John Casco. [John] Hello, how are you? John is (uh) John is) in charge of this whole operation with (uh) Germain BMW and here we are at the south store, John beautiful store man. [John] I appreciate it. [Stan] Yeah we’ve had this is our inaugural Cars and Coffee and we I mean I think we have about 300 people [John] Oh a lot, people all in the shop and everywhere. [Stan] Tons of cars everywhere and people enjoying themselves yak yak. Just some amazing cars to look at that [John] Yeah beautiful stuff. [Stan] Yes, so from legacy stuff to brand new stuff, it’s just amazing. John man thanks for (uh thanks for) the invitation. [John] No we appreciate you guys being here it’s a great job, part of the you know the area [Stan] Yeah the Stan (uh) The car club is so (uh is so) impressed with this rollout. (uh) Hey let’s do this again. [John] Oh, I hope so. [Stan] Let’s do it. Let’s do it. We’re on to it folks. If you’re sitting at home on the sofa, you’re burning (you’re burning) daylight, you need to come on out, we have a whole calendar of events for the Cars and Coffee to (uh) drives and everything else. We welcome (uh) Germain BMW as one of our partners now in our events planning stages and so there’ll be more of this and (uh) more exciting stuff coming. So (uh) John from us to you/from you to us I guess (uh) I think, this is a partnership, all right yeah. [John] Let’s do another event. [Stan] There you go. [John] Let’s talk about some track stuff. [Stan] Yeah some tracks stuff, there we go, very good, thank you guys see ya.

Hey guys Stan Dale, President of Florida SunCoast, hope you’re doing well. Hey at the inaugural event out here at (uh at) Lakeland at Fields BMW so just want to say “hey” a bunch of my new friends behind me say “hey” guys “hey hey” everybody’s out this morning, a little warm but it’s just a great day having a good time at Lakeland (uh) inaugural event. We’re doing this every month, so hey don’t sit on that sofa, you’re wasting time, come on out and join us and (uh) we’ll see you next time. Bye guys, come on guys, see you soon thank you, bye now.

Stan Dale
President, Florida SunCoast BMW CCA


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