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Hey everybody, Stan Dale, President of Florida SunCoast BMW, hope you’re doing well. Hey quick video tonight (uh) just to get some information out. We did an email blast out this past Wednesday or yes, yeah, this past Wednesday (uh) Life is a Highway… The Magnificent Mountain Driving Tour coming up October 20, 21, 22, 23 up in the great Smoky Mountains in North Carolina. So (uh) the plans are out there got to get on them quick, we’ve got 20 rooms with a potential additional five rooms available. We’re doing a hotel takeover, same hotel that the Z Group is using the weekend before us and it has secured really nice facilities. We got a lot planned for the week, drive will leave in staggered fashion sometime on Thursday depending on where you are and then arrive Thursday night or Friday night or Thursday night or Friday morning, whatever the time will be for you and then we’ve got we have a whole fire pit down by the creek reserved. We’ve got local entertainment coming in to entertain us, we’ve got barbecue feasts that’ll happen. Just a really cool thing planned Saturday, we get up and we drive over through Asheville over on Highway 74, nice. really curvy nice little road out to Chimney Rock and we’ll do the Chimney Rock climb and then we’ll come back to a little place called Burntshirt with Bistro which is right at the foot of Chimney Rock right there at the creek and have lunch and then drive back and we’ll have dinner with a location yet to be determined on Saturday night and then folks can peel out on Sunday or stay over if you want to, whatever the case may be you got to get on the site you got to get RSVP’d and then you got to get your room reserved. There are creekside rooms, first come first available, but we’ve booked it under Florida SunCoast so tell, the lady’s name is Carol, I’ve given you her phone number on the RSVP, call and get your rooms reserved. Really good pricing, only two night requirement, you can stay longer, arrive earlier, stay later if you’d like to but let’s (uh let’s) make this happen. We’ve been talking about it folks have been asking and, oh by the way, I just checked a few minutes before I got on air here and as of Thursday night we’ve already got, I think there’s already five or six RSVP’s already in works, so get on get in. If we need more hotel rooms we have an adjacent hotel that will give us rooms as well so we can fill this thing up in just a heartbeat. Hey there’s a special surprise coming, we’re looking at outerwear with some type of event logo for us (uh) I’m working on that right now, that’ll be out in just a week or two so you can get your (your) outerwear ordered so you can (uh) so you can look sharp during the event. Hey, what can we do a lot of other things are going to happen. Hey check the (check the) listings down below, a lot of our Area Governor’s putting the things up together. Up in the Panhandle, up in Tallahassee Cars and Coffee. We got stuff all the way up and down the coastline, we got things going on over in Jacksonville, so please take a look down support your local Area Governors. They’re out here putting these programs and these events together for you as simple as as Cars and Coffee, a drive (um) other things going on. Take part of that, that’s what these folks are out here doing and when you show up and support the (uh) the (the) event activity it just makes them want to go out and do some really cool, other cool stuff so (uh) hey it’s your car club got to come out and enjoy it but look forward to it. Check out in the events page October 20 through 23, Life is a Highway, Magnificent Mountain Driving Tour, get in there get your RSVP and as soon as you get your rooms done I’m going to need to know that you’ve got your room secured and in just a week or two we’ll start pushing out the wearables information so you’ll know what kind of garment. If you want to order a special commemorative shirt or something like that for the event. We’ll have that going on as well. Hey as always, we love to see you come out, it’s your car club making it happen (uh) Happy Motoring, all talk to you soon, see you now bye.

Stan Dale
President, Florida Suncoast BMW CCA


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