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Hey guys, Stan Dale, President Florida SunCoast BMW, hope you’re doing well. A full calendar the up and coming (uh) for this month tonight as I’m recording this June 1st (uh uh) Justin and the guys up in Pensacola are at the June Pensacola Meet & Eat out at the Bavarian Bavaria House so (uh) just missed that one but we’ll have (uh) something coming up again in July so thanks to Justin up there. (uh) In on the third we have the Sarasota Cars and Coffee Rob’s put that together I think I believe Russ is going to be there this weekend a lot of folks going to be at the Cars and Coffee and BMW Sarasota. I think I’m coming up this weekend as well, hope to see you there and (um) I think we’re going to be talking about our drive to the MiX on the 22nd of June that’s coming up as well. Also the June Panhandle Spring Country Tour driving tour is coming up on the third same day this Saturday so (uh) we have (uh) Courtney putting that together up in the Panhandle so looking forward to that. (uh) Just we have a lot of things happening (uh) the June (uh) Punta Gorda/Port Charlotte breakfast meeting in Venice is at the Burgundy Square Cafe in Venice that’s on June the 4th. On June the 9th we’re going to the Friday Night Social (uh) that’s Kevin’s (uh) thing on (on) the parking deck on top of a top of downtown Tampa close Channel Side there just a great (uh) great evening. The photographs, if you haven’t seen those go to our (go to our um) go to our Flickr account and look at the photographs coming out of that program (uh) just some amazing stuff I mean some really quality things almost (uh uh) I use them for my screensavers now so it’s really good looking photographs coming out of there sunsets and cityscapes, really cool thing. (uh) Kyle has put together our first event over in Lakeland at the Fields BMW of Lakeland on June the 10th so Kyle thank you welcome in this is his inaugural launch so (uh) I’ve already seen a bunch of rsvp’s coming through for that so Kyle hope that goes well, looking forward to a great report on that (um) so (uh) should have a lot of fun. The June Drive Dine at the Conestoga’s, this is a joint event and (uh) we’re reaching out here from coast to coast. I’ll give a lot of kudos Meribeth and Al. Al (uh) McKay over in the Jacksonville area, Meribeth over in the Gainesville (um Gainesville) Villages and (and) Ocala area, Gainesville and Ocala and Villages area, put together this joint drive into the Conestoga’s restaurant so it should be really neat there are meet up spots for both groups and then the drives into the restaurant. So kudos to those two Area Governors being a little creative here for us and doing something really cool driving in and doing a joint Coast to Coast or Coast to Mid Coast events I really like to see those kind of things. The June Naples Cars and Coffee, another inaugural Cars and Coffee this is on Sunday at Germain BMW South this is in Naples down on Davis Boulevard. Already have a ton of cars signed up for that. This is a pretty cool event talking to John Costa, who’s the sales manager for (uh_ Germain BMW, they have cleared they have cleared the showroom, We’re putting about six or seven cars on the six or seven cars on the (uh um) showroom floor. We’ll have some some really neat crepe breakfast (uh) cooking for us going on there, some specialty coffee being roasted, so coming out should be fun (um) look forward to that. I’ll be contacting those cars those folks that are on the uh or on the dance floor so to speak for that event so looking forward to that. On the 13th we have (uh) the June Bimmers and Dinners Bimmers and Dinner in Panama City this is Chris’ event up there in the Forgotten Coast on June the 13th and on June the 15th we have the Punta Gorda/Port Charlotte weekday breakfast. John’s Breaking Bad on us over here in the Englewood area. We’re having a Thursday morning breakfast for those folks that can’t come out on Sunday or want to come up for both breakfasts, we have a breakfast going on in midweek or late week June the 15th. June the 17th is Cars and Coffee in Fort Myers at the BMW Fort Myers Mario and Carol host that one so (uh) should be a lot of fun there as always and let me jump ahead I’ll jump into July real quick because I have we have two the July is just as full as is June is event almost every day every second day there’s an event going on. The calendar is absolutely full and a kudos again to the Area Governors, for putting these things together but two new events coming in (two new events coming on) the calendar for July for (uh for uh) June and I think this is (uh) June the 13th it’s (uh it’s) telling me June the 13th (uh) June Bimmers and Dinner in Panama City and then June the 15th (uh) the breakfast. I think I’ve already said that sorry I got ahead of myself (um) or behind myself either way we have another joint event coming up on the 24th of June. (uh) On the 24th of June is the June drive to Blue Water Bay (uh) and that’s again with the Jacksonville group and the Ocala//Gainesville/Villages group Al and Meribeth pulling off two events in the same month collectively so really cool trying to pull these things together and and wake that up. (uh) July 1st is the BMW Sarasota and then there here’s the two I want to tell you about, July 15th (uh) July 15th and 16th we have events coming right up to those on the 13th and 14th but on July 15th we have the July Panama City Summer Fun Run. Chris is hosting a drive (um) and it’s going to go all the way up to Charlie Coram’s (I hope I said that right Chris) Place (uh) for (uh for) dinner or for lunch. I’m not sure I think it’s part of lunch and then on the 16th we have July Bimmers and Brunch in Saint Pete. I think this is a (uh this is) at the St Petersburg Distillery on July the 16th. So a lot of new events on the calendar, a lot of new ways to do it, a lot of really cool places to go and we’re co-oping (uh) regions where you get to come and see and meet and say folks from all over the state. (um) This is a it’s just a real joy to see these events come up and have these options. We we’re almost don’t go but a day or two before we have another event somewhere in the state, so if you’re traveling or you want to get out and travel see some really cool things just be a you know a couple hours from wherever you are an hour or so from wherever you are, there are events going on around you that you can travel to and now we’re seeing a bunch of our just a bunch of our members traveling to and from different events and meeting folks across in different areas. So that’s what it’s all about, it’s about the cars bring us together the social really keeps us around. so (um) if you’ve got an event you’d like for us to do or see let us know about that. We have some long-term events coming up planning. We’re still trying to hash out the go-kart thing and I promise you Kevin and I’ll get our act together and try to get the message out there, it’s probably more on my shoulders than it is on his but we’ll see if we can hammer that out and and get an event launch for for some go-kart racing and then we have some things coming up. I’m heading to (uh I’m uh) me and three or four others are heading up to the MiX (uh) on June the 22nd (uh) we’re heading up to Greer, South Carolina for the MiX and be a ton of folks up there. (um) Look to have a lot of fun the M group, the I group and the X group all putting together. I think there are over 450 cars already registered for that it may already be sold out I have no clue and then probably this week you saw the Festorics done and then the (uh and then) there’s a couple other big events that are coming up later in the year for pre-registration now. So stay tuned to this, stay tuned to get involved and and you can talk to your other members get on the I’m not a big Facebook person, at least I wasn’t, but now I am. I’m talking to people on Facebook, our members in a closed member only Facebook plan so get on there. We’re on there, we’re on Instagram and we’re talking to folks in and meeting folks and (uh and uh) just really putting it together. It’s really cool to have the events but be able to talk to other members and say hey are you going would you like to do this I’ve got this part I’m looking for this car and so you put it all together so it just adds a new voice another voice a bigger voice to your membership opportunities. Hey until I get to see you then. (uh) Come on get off the sofa, we’re having way too much fun to miss you, so come on out. until then, Happy Motoring y’all, we’ll see you soon, okay, thanks.

Stan Dale
President, Florida SunCoast BMW CCA


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