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Hey guys, Stan Dale, President of Florida SunCoast, hope you’re doing well. Hey I got a little winded last week on the on the video I know it’s a little bit long so I’m going to trim it down this week. We’re going to focus on the next four or five days a lot of events coming up some brand new events this weekend we really want to call attention to these and get those out on the scoreboard. So this Friday today/tonight whenever you’re seeing this (uh) Friday night is the Friday Night Social downtown Tampa Channelside Garage 7:30 to 9 o’clock great event go check it out you finished up your work week great rooftop gathering, the (the) pictures that we’re seeing coming out of there the sunsets the cityscape and the cityscape at night with the lights just (just) absolutely gorgeous go get your car and go (go) up there meet the guys meet the folks and (uh and) get just a remarkable picture awesome screensavers I’ll I will tell you that, I’ve seen some beautiful pictures up there. Saturday (uh) the inaugural event at (uh) Fields BMW in Lakeland and Kyle’s putting this together (uh) Saturday morning Lakeland Cars and Coffee 9 to 11. This is going to become sort of a regular for our folks east of the greater Tampa area, anywhere you are you can go to it, but we’re we’re officially kicking it off on the east side of Tampa to offer some events over on that side of the (of the) arena and (uh and for) for some of our folks that are out in the Lakeland communities as well so Saturday you’re looking forward to that. I’m gonna be there (um) and we’ve had a ton of RSVPs already so looking forward to a great turnout and I really thank Kyle this is his first inaugural event so come on out and )uh and uh and) support this one so we’d love to see you there. Jacksonville and Ocala/Gainesville/and The Villages, Al and Meribeth have put together a co-op it’s this weekend, it’s the combined west east east west coming from the Jacksonville area to Alachua and coming from the Gainesville/Ocala/Villages area to Alachua. We’re going into Conestoga’s restaurant, that’s going to be a sort of a a great meet in the middle or meet almost in the middle if you will at the restaurant some drive on some really nice curvy roads so you’ve been looking for a really nice drive get out of town and go enjoy this, should be a great event east meets west west meets east, really pretty cool event so (uh) thanks for Al and Meribeth putting this together be a part of that I understand the the sign up is a little slow but come on guys we’re putting this together for you in that in that area need you to come on out and support the (and support the) progress. Sunday the 11th you’ve heard me talk about it, Naples Cars and Coffee at the Germain BMW South (uh) facility that’s off Davis Boulevard in Naples from 8 to 11. I’ve got a lot of RSVPs on this already these seven of these cars I’ll contact you when you see this video I’ll be contacting you already to say your car is on the deck so be there early so we can get your car loaded in (uh) some (um) we’re doing a little breakfast cooking for you some Crepes some really (uh) classy coffee mix there so (uh) come on out and join us this will be the inaugural Germaine BMW Cars and Coffee in Naples for all those folks we have down in the Naples and Marco Island area hey here it is come on down. On the (uh) 13th which is (uh) Tuesday, Panama City, we have Chris and Margaret putting together that’s the Bimmers and Dinner and that’s going to be at (uh) Cooper Tap (uh) Cooper Tap Grille and (uh and) that’s just a few blocks from my office in Panama City so I’m gonna be there too in Panama City I’m going to be (uh) Saturday at (uh at) Cars and Coffee in Lakeland, I’m going to be at the Sunday Cars and Coffee in Naples and I’m going to be at the Panama City (uh) Bimmers and Dinner on Tuesday night the 13th, so come on out support Chris that’s from 6 to 8:30 at the Cooper Tap Grille enjoy, can’t wait to get there, heard a lot about it so I can’t wait to test some of the food and then on the 15th (um) we’re going to (um) Punta Gorda and Port Charlotte on the 15th that’s 9 am to 11, that’s a weekday buffet at the Coffee and Friends location this is (uh) we’re floating this opportunity for a weekday event let’s see what that does Thursday morning event from 9 to 11. John and Irwin put together both BMW CCA (uh) Florida SunCoast and the Z group meeting there so we should do that and then the following Saturday will be Cars and Coffee in (uh in) Fort Myers. I’m going to save the rest of the calendar a lot out there though go out and see we’re just we’re jam-packed with events sign ups and drives we have drives all over the place we have drives up in Panama City, we have drives going on over in the Panhandle, we got drives going on in Kevin’s area great one last weekend, so come on out get on the calendar pick a couple of events come out and see us. Hope to see it a lot of these events this weekend or this next coming week (uh) come on out enjoy this folks. Until then we’re going to tell you Happy Motoring. Get off that sofa come on and play, see you now, bye.

Stan Dale
President, Florida SunCoast BMW CCA


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