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Hey there, just wanted to  say “hey” …
Happy Motoring…

Stan Dale
President, Florida Suncoast BMW CCA

Hey everybody, Stan Dale, President Florida Suncoast Chapter. Hope you’re doing well this evening. Hey, just a quick reminder, we got a ton of things coming up on our (our) schedule for August/September and all the way into the fourth quarter this year. Take a look at our scheduled events everything down below. This Saturday, in Sarasota, at (ah) just across from BMW of Sarasota, we have Caffeine and Gasoline, ton of things going on there. So come out, join us, that crowd is getting larger so come and join us there. Next Thursday up in the Panhandle/Pensacola area we’re going to The Bavarian Wirtshaus. And so Courtney and Justin are two Area Governors up there, are just doing a bang up job. This is the inaugural rebirth of the (of the) Panhandle area. So, we already have something like thirty-some people on the RSVP list. Come on out it’s gonna be a great time. It’s time to reinvigorate the Gulf Coast Area up there so we look forward to that. Thanks to Justin and Courtney doing a bang up job. August the 7th and August the 14th we got Cars and Coffee on Lakeland on the 7th. Cars and Coffee in Tallahassee – Southwood Cars and Coffee on the 14th and another Tallahassee Cars and Coffee on the 21st. So a ton of things going on. Also on the 21st, we have Cars and Coffee in the Ft Myers BMW, so come on out. (Um) If you haven’t seen it way down here on the list, coming into the third quarter, we got two car shows up in the Gainesville/Ocala area and it’s just gonna be a ton of fun. Ted up there, our Area Governor, is working hard on those. So, get on those. Let’s go support the car shows on the Northern side. I’ll be there, looking forward to it. And in the fourth quarter we have a big trip planned for Revs. Revs Institute down in Naples, Florida, one of (probably) top 1-2-3 car collections in the world. I encourage you to come out. The RSVPs are already pouring in. I think that’s gonna be limited to something like 100 folks so if you are interested, get on in there (get in there) and get your RSVP done. So just a lot of things going. Oh, in the fourth quarter too we have the Petit Lemans. Just a lot of things that I haven’t hit them all. There’s a ton of things on our activities list. So if (ah) if feel like doing something jump up here we got a ton of things to do. Let’s – I said “ton” about a ton of times, I think. So let’s (ah) get out and shake hands, meet other members and let’s have some fun. A lot of things going on. Stay tuned. We got long drive coming up maybe into the Carolina Mountains. We’re working on that. We’re working on an Autocross in the Tampa Bay area (ah) and some drives. Thanks to Kevin Tipton for a really nice drive (ah) the week before last (ah) in that North Tampa area. Just a lot of things going on. Thanks to all of the Area Governors who are just turning on (turning on) the activities. So (ah) so we can get out be a very very active Chapter. Thanks a lot Happy Motoring Y’all. See ya next time.

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