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Hey guys, Stan Dale, President Florida SunCoast, hope you’re doing well. Got a bunch of things on the schedule tonight. I’m gonna talk real quick but (uh) across the top of the state. Hey, Al MacKay, our Area Governor for Jacksonville, just sent in a huge list of activities planned (uh) for the coming months. Beginning in August (uh) we have our August dinner meeting (uh) which will be down in the RSVP group and then I believe it’s August 27th at dine and drive where (uh) the Jacksonville area is inviting the Ocala/Gainesville area to join them at a combined drive (and dine ) and drive at a local restaurant area there so look for the RSVP coming up August 27th I believe is the date, so get (get get) on that list, a lot of fun. Let me scoot over to the Panhandle and say kudos big shout out to Courtney and Justin this past week huge huge Cars and Coffee event (uh) had the (the uh) chapters (uh) tent up flags and everything. Just a great event, I think there were over 900 cars there (uh) this past week (uh) so just kudos to Courtney and Justin (uh) again. Just (uh) growing the Panhandle activity out there really nice to see happening. (uh) Back to Ocala and the Gainesville area, Ted Kadala is working on a car show in concert with some local group there so look for that information down below and (um) this past week, I want to say thanks to Russ Garvey. We set up a meeting with Ceramic Pro out of Sarasota and so those guys at Ceramic Pro, Santiago, Jay and Will, thanks for taking time with us. We’ve got a huge event coming up with Ceramic Pro in Sarasota and more news about that coming up but just I think it’s going to be an amazing tech event for us (uh) and I believe that’s gonna be in latter part of August (uh) September, so we’ll look for the date we have some information coming at you (uh) shortly so getting that hammered out but (uh) should be a lot of fun. So thanks for those guys, appreciate taking a tour of your facility this week and thanks to Russ Garvey, our Senior Board member, who helped set who helped set that particular event up so (uh) thanks Russ appreciate that and then we’re having (uh) you know just all of our regular cars and coffees in those events coming up down below so just just check out those events and we’ll see you soon. Happy Motoring, Thanks

Stan Dale
President, Florida Suncoast BMW CCA


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