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Hey guys, Stan Dale, President of Florida SunCoast BMW, hope you’re doing well. Hey, coming in on, closing in on the end of July, man can’t believe how fast this year has gone. (uh) Just got a ton of things (uh) down in the RSVP group, cars and coffees, the whole nine yards. Hey, I want to remind you July 23rd Cars and Coffee up at the Pensacola area so Justin and Courtney putting that on, putting it together and then just take a look at all the other things that are on our RSVP list. You can now do that by your (uh) area zone, your area governor zone, whatever the case that is or you could just look at the whole macro and you can also look at some other BMW events going on. We’ve put those down in the (uh) in the menu there you could take a look and I’ll give you just a couple of (uh) for instances (uh uh) July 23rd Pittsburgh Grand is up there, August 9th is the Women’s Drive up in Indianapolis, that’s the thing that (uh) our Executive Vice President of the CCA, a good friend of our chapter, LouAnn Shirk, is sort of overseeing that, I think that’s full but what an amazing event put together there it’s gonna be a great drive for the ladies and then (uh) in October let me blow the horn a little bit here for (uh) our BMW CCA Foundation (uh) is the 50th Anniversary of the M brand. That’s a Friday/Saturday event I believe October 14th and 15th at the Foundation. Those guys do a wonderful job. If you’ve never been there you’ve gotta (you’ve gotta) put together a trip and go see that it’s just absolutely amazing (uh) some of the things that they archive there, come in on special shows and that kind of thing. It’s just an amazing feature for the car club and it’s just downstream from the factory so a factory tour could be in your future so take a look at that. Hey, I want to talk to you in just a few minutes about some communication processes that we have in place down below all the way down below (um) on our website is a little blue envelope it says just stay in touch, click on that and you get this email this this e-blast we call it every Friday morning around seven/eight o’clock on Friday morning. Carol puts this whole thing together it’s just an amazing (uh) distribution put your name on that you get it it’s automatic you’re in there and you’re good we typically always sign up brand new members put their names in there for them just so they’re in the loop. The other way you could communicate and we’ve all and people ask us this all the time. How do I talk to other members? Well quite honestly we don’t release our membership list to anybody we protect your (your) privacy as you join the club you put down email addresses or phone numbers. We don’t give those out, we don’t sell them, we don’t give them out, nobody gets to see it. It’s under a padlock but we do have the Florida SunCoast Facebook account and (uh) the easiest way to do is get on there, we also load all our events, it links it right back to our website for the RSVP, one easy click gets you right to the RSVP but that’s a way that you talk to other members in your area out of area topics that you’ll put in and it’s a members only no one gets on that website except members only so you guys that are on this email blast that are visitors you’re welcome to sign up become a member of the Florida SunCoast and then you can get into the Facebook account so it’s a great way for you to (it’s a great way for you to) get in and talk to your family commuters. I think I looked just the other afternoon i believe we have (uh) Kevin Tipton will give me the (the the) heads up on this but I believe we have 908 members or something that already in now. That’s way over half of our membership so get in on that and (uh) that way you can talk to other members in different areas you’re traveling you want to go do something (uh) you want to on an impromptu picnic or a barbecue at somebody’s house (uh) put it out there on the on put it out there on the Facebook account that’s where we (uh) that’s where we do our communicating as well. So two places the Florida SunCoast website and then (uh) has all your archives and information and RSVPs about all the things we’re doing and have done. If you want to find your picture and blow it up and publish it and put it on your bedroom wall or your office wall or whatever the case may be show it to your friends and family we have archives and galleries of everything we’ve done so go out there to the Flickr account you can see all that. So it’s just a couple of ways to get you there but let me encourage you. Get into the (get into the) information link down below in the little blue box to get into the e-blast if you’re not already there and then also get on the Facebook account and (uh) and get linked in and talk to other members only members get in (uh) you’ll (you’ll) apply to get in give your number and then once we’ve (uh) confirmed your number boom you’re in and that’s where we’re talking to each other. So (uh) still working this machine for you, making things happen, events, all those kind of things. So until we talk next time, listen have a safe drive, have a safe summer and as we always say happy motoring y’all, see you soon, thanks bye.

Stan Dale
President, Florida Suncoast BMW CCA


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