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Hey guys, Stan Dale, President of Florida SunCoast. Hope you’re doing well.
Not my usual background, again, sitting at the airport in a rainstorm (uh) waiting to pick up my wife, so I needed to get this video out, so pardon the background but here’s the good details. Just got back from North Carolina (uh um) making plans for our October (uh) Magnificent Mountain Driving Tour and things are really coming together, looking forward to that . Those folks that RSVP’d will be getting some update update and selection emails (uh) coming soon so be, just watch your (uh your) email. The event is closed, we sold out, we’re at 55 folks. I think, on that trip the hotel is full so (uh uh) looking forward to (looking forward to) that event (um) but let me first tell you about what’s going on up in the Panhandle (uh) Justin and Courtney are working hard. We have a big event coming up on Saturday July 23rd at (uh) Details Garage. It’s a (it’s a) big garage up there. They’re (uh) they have their own proprietary (uh) products car care products but they’re also part of the chemical guys distribution group so (uh) big Cars and Coffee giveaways all those kind of things. Justin and Courtney gonna be there, they’ll have our pop-up tent there some goodies and giveaways and stuff like that, refreshments and all, so go check them out. I think it’s from 10 to 1 something like that on Saturday morning look at our RSVP’s down below (uh). Carol will have that all set up for you and (uh and) if you’re up in that Panhandle I looked at their website and they have like 908 hits a hundred RSVPs I believe are already on the (on the) schedule. So if you’re watching this video and you’re the Panhandle area, go check out (uh go check out) the Cars and Coffee on Saturday the 23rd and I think you have a great time. As we mentioned a couple things coming up (um) we’re almost at the end of the month, so we have the (uh) we have the (uh) Cars (uh) Gasoline, I always get this name wrong so (uh) heck it’s a Cars and Coffee and it’s in Sarasota beside the (uh) BMW of Sarasota. So go check us out, Russ, Rob all the guys will be there (um and) and Russ brings some amazing donuts. I don’t know where he buys them but you need to go by and thank him. I sometimes even drive up just to get some of those really cool donuts. So check those out. (uh) We have the OCC event coming up the early next month. Just a full calendar slate of things going on down below. Here’s the cool thing, we are now finalizing the dates in February for a track day at The Firm in north Florida. We’re working on the event pricing. Right now (hint hint) it’ll probably be really inexpensive for eight hour track day, somewhere around 250. I expect the event will sell out really quickly, so if you’re a car guy, watch the news. As soon as we get the details we’re going to blast that out and coming up in the next week and week and a half, something like that, is going to be the RSVP for Daytona drive on in November and a week or two after that will be the RSVP for (uh) the Sebring drive on in December. Other things going on with that around the (the) area of the state as well we have some stuff going on up in Jacksonville, there’s a big picnic that I know that there are Tony and those guys we’re working on. Tony and Al are working on in the Saint Pete/Clearwater area, so look at that. You know (uh) Kevin always has a drive of some sort coming up, so look down below for Kevin’s drives (uh) everybody seems to really enjoy those. So (uh) just, you know, hey take a bite of the excitement, it’s all down below and the RSVP just let us know you’re coming so we know how to plan and (uh) thanks again. Hope you have a great week and we’ll see you soon. Happy motoring, bye now.

Stan Dale
President, Florida Suncoast BMW CCA


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