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Hey guys, Stan Dale, President of Florida SunCoast BMW, hope you’re doing well. Hey, not my normal background here in North Carolina mountains (uh) doing a little planting for the Magnificent Mountain (uh) Driving Tour coming up in October. By the time you get this message we may be already (uh) sold out but we’re up here making plans (uh) for that long weekend in October and our next big date coming up that’s going to be released (uh) here in just a week or so in July is going to be the Daytona drive-on that’s going to happen the first weekend in November followed up by the Sebring drive- on in the first weekend of December. A lot of things happening over the summer, drives, tours, meetings, dinners (uh) get togethers, the whole nine yards. Couple picnics being planned as well all around the area. So just stay tuned look at your RSVP down below we appreciate that. We’ll take this time to talk about our area governors, these folks spend a lot of their time putting together plans (uh) for your entertainment, for all kind of events, (um) talking to venues etc. Just trying to line things up for you. So it’s a lot of work they put, a lot of time, a lot of love into putting together these events so (uh) take advantage that’s what the car club’s all about. (uh) Getting together, meeting folks, talking about our cars, doing things with cars the whole nine yards and I would (uh) call your attention to a couple things on our website. (uh) We just spent a lot of time putting together a list of BMW shops, independent shops (uh) all around our territory (uh) throughout the state of Florida so I think there’s like 49 or 50 independent BMW shops on the website. Take a look at that and of course we (we) highlight all of the dealerships in our region as well (uh) with the hours of service etc. and I, I’d (I’d) be missing the (the) boat here if I didn’t talk about our resident (uh) BMW master tech Gil, Ask Gil is a great feature you’ll find it at the bottom of the links that we send out (um) and folks take advantage of this. We see all kinds of (uh) questions come in, some great questions, technical questions that come in that (uh) sometimes I scratch my hand go I wonder how Gil’s gonna handle this one and (uh) and then he comes up with the answer and he comes up with a solution and folks are quite happy with his response so take advantage of that we do all these features for you. (um) This week (uh) it came out in your Bimmer (um) in the (the the the Bimmers) BimmerLife (uh) that came out this middle of this week actually highlights our newsletter and (uh) does a lot of (a lot of) kudos to Carol our our webmaster who puts all that together every week we do this so (uh) take advantage of that, take a look and (uh) even nationally now we’re getting people from all around the country that (uh) are linked in to our weekly e-blast and (um) when people are in Florida they’re taking advantage of all these events that we post etc. So a lot of things going on a lot of great activities and we’ll see at some of the things that are coming up around our our state (uh) both BMW events and non-BMW events are posted down below. So to give you some things to do. So until then (um) from the North Carolina mountains. I’m telling you, happy motoring, see you, bye now.

Stan Dale
President, Florida Suncoast BMW CCA


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