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Hey guys, Stan Dale, President Florida SunCoast, hope you’re doing well. Hey just a quick video here in the Maggie Valley for the week trying to put the finishing touches on the (uh) October Drive/Mountain Drive. So a couple things coming up. I’ll just be quick be sure to check the RSVPs down below (uh) and all the things that are going on and (um) couple things happening this weekend two (two) Cars and Coffees John Conley’s got one going on up in Tallahassee, check that one out and then also (um) Kyle Jones has one and (uh) is hosting one at Fields BMW in Lakeland this weekend as well check the times and everything, (um) I’ll tell you I’ve seen a ton of RSVPs coming in for the (uh) for the Lakeland (uh uh) Cars and Coffee so check that out you want to get there early (uh) because apparently there’s gonna be a lot of people there. So (uh) thanks to those guys for for taking care of that getting those set up. Hey I want to I want to correct something, Chris Schroeder (uh) shot me a note and I think I said the wrong thing last week they’ve got a (they’ve got a a) meet and drive and eat coming up (um) I think it’s not this weekend but it’s next weekend and (uh the) the starting point I keep talking about the starting point is their ending point that’s not true they’re ending up at the at the Southern Fields Brewing in Campbellton (uh) and I’m sure I’m just crucifying that name as well so Chris I’m sorry but that’s their end that’s their destination and in spot. So (uh) check them out (uh) up at the Panama City area (uh) getting that up and going as well. So a lot of things going. I got to keep this one short so we can upload this to the (uh to the) video screen tonight up here from the mountains. So until then, (uh) hope you had a great Fourth of July and we’ll see you soon thanks a lot see you now Happy Motoring.

Stan Dale
President, Florida SunCoast BMW CCA


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