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AND THE WINNERS ARE… (drumroll please)

Hey there, just wanted to take a minute to say “hey”…
Happy Motoring…

Stan Dale
President, Florida Suncoast BMW CCA

Hey everybody, Stan Dale, President of Florida Suncoast BMW Chapter. I hope you’re doing well. Hey, I want to take a minute to thank everybody, all those folks that took time out to vote for your Officers and Board this year. We certainly do appreciate that (uh) appreciate your vote of confidence. We’ve got two changes on the Officers this year and I’ll go through those real Quick. They are going to be listed down below and they can be seen on our website. So you can just (uh) take a look at those but (uh) welcoming Mario Villar to our Vice President role as he and Dennis Johnson swap places. Dennis will move to our Board, done a fine job over the last couple of years and so Mario will step into the VP role and Dennis will move over into that Board role. Also moving this year Stella is retiring from our Treasurer role and we appreciate her she’s done a phenomenal job getting those books cleaned up for us and (uh) and very handy in our reporting and (uh) this year Mike Clark, who’s served on our Board for the last number of years, will step into that Treasury role. On the Board, excuse me, let me just before I do that, Carol Villar will stay as our Secretary and Webmaster. And again, thank you for your confidence, I guess I’ll stay in that President role. On the Board we bring back and continue to see our Senior Board (um) member Russ Garvey. We appreciate everything Russ does as the historian. A man of many roles. And then Dennis Johnson, as I mentioned, will be on the Board. Dave Uman remains on the Board and then we have two new members to the Board this year. Al McKay, many of you know Al, up in the Jacksonville area from the former First Coast group will join our board this year. (uh) Al is a huge contributor we’re glad to see him in in that Board mix. And then a new member, a new face, will be Fran Dance. (Dan) Fran is from (uh) the Sarasota area not a stranger to car Clubs, not a stranger to BMW. So we’re looking forward to capitalizing on Fran’s contribution and knowledge and energy. So Fran, appreciate you and glad that (uh) you’re gonna join our group. Hey (uh) before we get Further, I want to say thank you to Dwayne Mosley, just below this link here is another link to a BMW video clip that Dwayne passed along to us. I think you’ll enjoy it, take a few minutes check it out. I think you’ll enjoy it and (uh) and then Dwayne thanks for thinking of us. And then just below that will be the election results. And you can always go to our web page you want to see all the smiling faces of all your Officers and Board members and your Area Governors. They’re right there on the web page, all you have to do on the opening page is just scroll down. We’re going to be busy this year rolling out, hopefully, a 2021 agenda not like the 2020 that we just suffered through (uh) and some of the first events we’re going to see are going to be the BIG Show, the British Italian German car show. So those folks from around the state need to be involved in this a huge car show. Well over 100 cars, some great BMWs Porsche, all the German groups, there the Italian groups and there and the British groups are there. So I encourage you to get in. It’s very inexpensive the trophies are out of this World. So come out and be a part of that. Watch for other events as they come and we’ll keep you posted hey for now. Happy motoring, stay safe, see you soon. Thanks

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