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Hey everybody, Stan Dale, President Florida SuncCoast hope you’re doing well. Traveling tonight, first video out for the new year and (uh) what I’m gonna do is just run down the list of calendars. We’ve got a lot of things on the calendar all the way into February so let me do a real quick (uh) recap. (um) I’m filming this on Thursday night the 5th of January and just missed (uh) the Bavarian Wirthaus up in the Panhandle up at Fort Walton Beach so for those folks that attended hope you had a great time. I will make it to (uh) the Panhandle this year in 2023 and sooner than you think. So I’ll schedule my travel around one of the meetings up there and drop in and say hello. Look forward to seeing you there. (um) On the seventh, we have a Fields BMW over to I think I’m going to say this right Yalaha Bakery and if I didn’t just give me some guidance down in the down in the comments below (uh) but (um) I think that’s Kevin’s run over to the bakery. (uh) Beginning at Field’s BMW. So check that out. If you want to go just go do that. (um) Coming up on the 14th we’re moving the Cars and Coffee in Fort Myers because it’s going to conflict with our regular date because of the Annual Dinner and so BMW of Fort Myers Cars and Coffees on the 14th this month and then the dinner (um) our great getaway Get-Outta-Town Dinner (uh) Annual Dinner is in Tampa. There’s only a few tickets left if you have an idea that you even want to be there you better jump on them tickets quick because I think this is going to close on that. I believe that closes on the 12th and I think there’s only a handful of tickets: five/six tickets maybe left. So if you plan on attending that dinner you better jump on those tickets really quickly, get your reservations in (um) just a reminder there is a (there is a) Officer, Board and Area Governor meeting on that day (uh) and that information will go out to all those folks on the on the 21st as well (um) the from noon until three o’clock prior to the dinner. On the 28th, we have (um) Bimmers, Bends and Brews, that’s Kevin’s run up in the north (uh) Tampa area and (um) and that’s going to be, I think, that goes to let me just check my notes real quick. I think that goes to the (um) yeah to the art to the Artisanal (uh) Ales location. I think I’m leaving out some of the names but it’s got a great little run there a lot of folks turn out and we have some great videos that come out of those drives. So if you want to go out and do a spirited drive (uh) check out Kevin’s drive at the end of each month, this one’s on the 28th. (um) February 4th (uh) we have Cars and Coffee at the (um) BMW Sarasota we’re back online, we’ve got a representative of BMW Sarasota (uh) handling this now so we’re back on the BMW property so that’s the first Saturday of each month so in February we kick it off officially, February 4th, Saturday so be there be square but be on the square at BMW of Sarasota. I’ll try to be at that location. (uh) On the 18th, I’m jumping over a few things but we’re going to be attending the BMW Invasion in Orlando on February 18th. We’re going to be allowed six cars on the deck. I’ve got three unique cars already I’m looking for three more. I’ve got some feelers out (um) certainly (um) I’m trying to just put on a little bit of a demonstration of what all we have to offer in the BMW chapter. We’re going to be joined by the National (uh) BMW CCA is going to have a tent there as well and (uh) the M Chapter is going to have a tent there as well. so we’re going to be representing Florida hard and heavy so if you’ve got nothing to do on the 18th of February come on out and see us. I think the tickets are like 30 bucks but you got to get your tickets (um) they’re inside tickets and outside tickets (uh) there are thousands of BMWs there and so it’s it’s a one day a deal and so (um) come and join us. This will be our first, my first time there and (uh) looking forward to going out and supporting these guys. We got some bigger things to do and maybe (um) as we do it multi-state opportunities so we’re we’re looking at how we grow and who we attract (uh) into our Chapter. It’s just part of our part of our (uh) constitution as we grow our (grow our) Chapter here. (um) We also have (um) just let me tell you about the (the) Mountain Drive (um) the hotel suffered a little bit of damage during the (the the the the) really deep freeze that they had over the holidays and so it’s damaged some of their equipment and if you’re going to make reservations we want you to do that
but I just talked to Carol this week and she said hold off on the reservations for about a week or two until she lets me know (uh) they’re just trying to get all their data transitioned over to a new platform everybody that’s made reservations you’re good, it’s the new reservations that they want to just stay (stay stay) close I’ll let you know when it’s time to go make those reservations but we’re almost full for the October Mountain Drive so as soon as I let you know (uh) and you if you want to be a part, jump on it (uh) get in there and we’ll have a blast. Until then these are things on our (on our on our) calendar (uh) check our website (uh) frequently but you go to the calendar. calendar events, Carol does a great job getting the stuff out there. Oh I just about to forget ,
Sunday, February the 8th this is a new ad it just jumped in today and it’s out there it’s just you’re going to see it tomorrow and Saturday and then boom Sunday morning the 8th of (uh) of January at the Wyvern hotel in Punta Gorda (uh) there’s a breakfast there and so John Schneider, our new area governor for that area, is (uh) is hosting the first breakfast. I know the Z Club is coming out so so (um) we’re bringing some of the Z guys over as well to join us and kick it off and then we should be back again sometime early February. I know John’s working on a list of things to do and that Punta Gorda/Port Charlotte area so if you’ve never been to the Wyvern, I think it’s a four or five star hotel, really neat hotel and we did (um) we did a rooftop Sunset event there a couple years ago, so check it out and (um and uh) go see John and (and uh and) be a part of that. If you’ve got nothing to do on early Sunday morning go see John. I think the RSVP is going to hit the calendar (uh) tonight and you should be able to see it until then (uh) let me just say lots going on, Happy Motoring everybody and Happy New Year see you soon.

Stan Dale
President, Florida Suncoast BMW CCA


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