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Hey everybody, Stan Dale, President of Florida SunCoast BMW. Hope you’re doing well. Hey it’s (uh) the top of the 2022 year, hope your holidays were really good and safe (uh). It’s (we’re) time to get  back to the normal throws of the BMW life so want to give you a real quick update on (uh) what January looks like. Looks like we have some events all across the territory, so we’re getting kicked off pretty well. Actually, as I’m videoing this this is on the 6th, so tonight there’s an event up in the Panhandle that’ll be reoccurring in February and I’ll talk about that just a second. But (um uh) the Autocross (uh) the 8th of this month is Saturday is our first Autocross here in Ft Myers (um) so (uh) if you’re an Autocross person want to come out, man it’s very competitive. I’ve been to the track I’ve been in the cars and (um) it’s just a (it’s just a) great outing. Two day event Saturday and Sunday so go to our website get the click get in, go out see. If you just want to go check it out, get on the list, it costs a dollar to get in just to observe on Saturday. But it’s a two day thing and it’s a very nice track, very long (uh) Autocross event there very very affordable and lots of runs so let me encourage you. If you’re on an Autocross person just want to check it out come on down take a look at it and (and) be a part. On Sunday the 9th is our Jacksonville meeting at Seven Bridges. Check it out in our RSVP links down below. (uh) Follow the folks up in Jacksonville take a piece of that and (um and). We’ve got some other really big news coming up (that) in that general direction for the folks up in Jacksonville. Actually across the state so stay tuned for that. On the 11th is our OCC event up in (uh) St Pete/Clearwater. (um) if you haven’t been to this venue, let me just, don’t get too crazy about it’s a biker place, it’s not. It’s a place that displays really nice bikes but they roll the carpet out for us. The parking is amazing the (the) private room they have, the food is there, the entertainment is good and we’re just, they’ve rolled out the carpet for the BMW Chapter. So if you’re in that market area I’d encourage you to go. We’re trying to take a group up there and at for the (uh) for the February meeting (uh) it’s a Tuesday night drive up but it’s a midweek kind of thing but we’re gonna take a group up from the Naples area, Ft Myers area up next month to visit the OCC. I want to check it out and I can’t wait to get there so (um) just (just) take a look at that RSVP down below if you want to be a part of that. On the 15th, we have Tallahassee Cars & Coffee, on the 15th also Saturday week is the Ft Myers Cars & Coffee at the BMW Ft Myers, on the 20th the PCA, the Porsche Club America, down here in the Naples/Ft Myers area has rolled out an invitation to us to go to a genuine drive-in theater and be a part of that each year they do an event at this drive-in. So it’s just one of the old-fashioned (uh) drive-in theaters. Tune your radio to the movie and this movie is going to be Ford vs Ferrari. If you haven’t seen the movie, it’s a great (it’s a great) piece but we’re going to go with a bunch of car guys to see Ford and Ferrari and just be a blast. So check that out the invitation (uh) is down below. On the 29th, we have Caffeine and Gasoline is back at our Sarasota, BMW of Sarasota, great event, really building a lot of (uh) activity up at that (uh) that outing so we’re back on track this month after the holidays so the 29th is there. Equally on the 29th (down in the) up in the Wesley Chapel area, we have the January (we have the January) Bimmers, Bends and Brews. That’s a big drive that Kevin Tipton, our Area Governor there puts together and so about an hour and a half drive out through the country all the winding roads. We have a great starting point, we leave and return there and then have lunch. So if you haven’t been a part of Kevin’s deal (uh uh) events take a look at that get involved in that in that driving tour (uh) and then back on the 3rd of February I’m going to go all the way in step just step into February, we’re back to Panhandle and Calverts is our monthly meeting there (um) so on February 3rd. Equally on February the 3rd down here in Naples is Cars on Fifth for anybody down this general area you know about that largest collection of Ferraris at any one place in the US at any one point in time. Cars on Fifth great car show, donation goes to a real charitable, great charitable (uh) event I’ll let you check that out and we have some of our members are actually in the show. Tough to get into this particular show. (um) Also on the link this (uh) I don’t know if it’ll be up on this week, I’m gonna be up next week for sure, is the BIG show, the British Italian German Car Show (uh) in March in Cape Coral. It’s capped at 150 cars, you’ve got to let in (uh) it’s all online registration. We helped (we helped) them get up onto an online registration process this year. No more mailing checks or anything like that and there’s no (uh) there’s no entry on day of show. The entry cuts off two weeks before show. I gotta tell you the trophies are remarkable here the venue is remarkable. (uh) it’s just a really neat collection I’d love to see the BMW Chapter just overwhelm them with participation. In each of these chapters the folks that participated last year just had and this will be the seventh or eighth year, no excuse me maybe it’s the tenth year that we’re doing it. (um) You just need to get in it’s just (uh it’s just) a great car show BIG show British Italian German come out and be a part of that one. So some really great news (uh) talk to the (historical) historic sports car racing group (uh) Rick Goolsby has assured us that we will get to do a drive on (on) Daytona road course November 5th and so we’re scheduling. We’re trying to find hotels that we can book now. You have to get your room booked. We’re going to go up on a Friday, we will have a dinner and a gathering on Friday night and then we’ll go to the track on Saturday. The car club will feed those folks that are participating just like we do at the Sebring HSR and we’re going to do (we’re going to do) laps on the track (uh) and we’ve been guaranteed to drive on the track and we’re going to get choice Corral close to the pits. If you’ve never been to Daytona, this will put you in the heart of the track and you’ll have access to everything in and around the track on that day. So and the price tag is going to be extremely nice so I’m going to encourage you, once we post the rooms, get your rooms and everything scheduled. (uh) For those folks going along, we’d like to take a hundred cars (uh) up to the Daytona HSR this year. So first for us to venture to Daytona and then a month after that we’ll go back to our regular (uh) Sebring HSR which will be the first weekend in (uh) in December again for a Corral there. So look for the Daytona. I’m excited to announce that thanks to Rick Goolsby, I know he watches us on the channel, Rick thanks for everything you do and you and Sarah and all the team at HSR, we appreciate you (uh) from (from) us. (um) We know that some of the covid numbers are going up right now, the Omnicron numbers are going up, the flu numbers are going up. So I would just say as you come out to some of our events protect yourself if you haven’t been vaccinated, that’s your choice. We’re not getting political on this thing but just protect yourself. If that’s a mask or distancing or standing on your head, whatever the case may be, not to make fun of it, but just protect yourself and protect others that’s all we ask as we go into this. We’re all trying to manage through this and we’re I know we’re all tired of it. So from our family to your family, hey it’s a new year we’re looking forward to a lot of really cool things happening. A lot of drives, a lot of other things going on. We have (uh we have) our Board Meeting (uh) Sunday night the 9th and as we sit in our planning sessions and we are opening up the state. This is really going to be a cool thing. I’m looking forward to it, Area Governors everybody bringing their best to the table so we can get the planning done and get it out there for you. So hope you have a just (just) glad that 22 is here. We’re ready to go and make it in a great year. To everybody out there Happy Motoring. Y’all see you soon, bye now.

Stan Dale
President, Florida Suncoast BMW CCA


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