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Hey everybody Stan Dale, President Florida SunCoast, hope you’re doing well. First video of the year, hey we’re we’re going on strong. Hey before we do anything tonight hey two things were important (uh) let me get this right at the top of the (uh) of the video so in case (uh uh) you don’t get to hear the whole thing. (uh) Two (two two) important pieces January the 6th, Saturday January the 6th (uh) Sarasota Cars & Coffee because of the impending weather coming in (uh) anticipated for Saturday morning, Cars & Coffee for Sarasota’s canceled for this month. We’ll (uh) we we’ll be back on schedule next month and then I’ll talk about all the other things that are on schedule. (uh) Coming up for January but just want to get that up there on the front side number two should have gotten in your in your email for all those folks if you haven’t looked your email yet check it out. If you’re into the (uh uh) Daytona of the 24 (uh) that email CCA email went out today I know I’ve gotten several calls around (um) in the last couple couple weeks are we’re doing something at Daytona so check the CCA 24 Daytona email that came out today (uh) so just make sure you got it. If you didn’t get it uh send me a quick email and I’ll forward you mine so (uh) so everybody can get it or you can log on the CCA piece. (um) Elections (uh) FSC elections affirmation elections (uh) end this week so if you haven’t voted yet please get online text just a second get in click see and make your (uh) make your (your) mark and (uh) participate in that and then also the 5th, tomorrow, the CCA elections (um) very very important elections. I spoke about those last week (um) get out support (uh) support our incumbent groups (um) and (uh) let’s (uh) and be a part of the (uh) be a part of the (uh) election for the national campaign. You do make a difference, it will make a difference, it will secure our destiny (uh) in one direction or other potentially. So it’s very important and (uh and) I will say that (uh) I myself (uh) and going to be supporting the incumbent president and then (um) you can make your own decision (uh) but put your name on the line, get out there and vote, takes just a second. Saturday (uh) January 6th we just talked about in Sarasota is going to be canceled. Sunday January the 7th Punta Gorda the Charlotte (uh) Punta Gorda/Port Charlotte breakfast that’s on Tuesday the 9nth, St Pete/Clearwater that’s on. (uh) The 13th is the Caffeine and (octane) Octane in Jacksonville that’s on. Also the 13th is the Lakeland Cars & Coffee that’s on. The 14th Naples Cars & Coffee that’s on. Coming up I just got a note from Chris Schroeder up in Panama City (uh) it’s a Bimmers&Dinner in Panama City on the 16th. The 20th we’re at Fort Myers Cars & Coffee I look forward to getting back there I’ve missed November and December for some reason of (um_ I’m ready to get back into a regular routine there so I can’t wait to get to Fort Meyers and then Gainesville is on the 20th Gainesville Meet and Greet lunch Saturday January 20th, There’ll be more events coming in popping in save the date February the 3rd or February the 4th we’re looking at the Annual Dinner/luncheon or dinner we’re looking at the locations word it will come out we should have (uh) preliminary information this week but save the date February 3rd/February 4th look for that. We had a blast last year (uh) Russ is working on it, we’re working feverishly trying to figure out the last details I know we’re coming to the end of this of the season here but (um) we have so many other events that are in our way so we’re having to push it into the first(uh) first weekend I think of February if we can get everything planned so until then (uh) oh and by the way check out Facebook, our FSC Facebook thanks to all of our friends we were out with with the Alpha Romeo Club from the East Coast this past weekend doing a drive up the middle of the state. We had a blast guys it was great to see you I’ll drop a few names John you know (uh) I was love your photographs are just amazing, Cass thanks for the photographs those were amazing, (uh) Durk it was good to see you and all the folks out there that we got a chance to spend some time with I think we had like 55 cars or something like that I don’t know just (uh) from all kind of European (uh) Legacy cars so it was just a great weekend fun run last minute kind of thing and thanks to all the BMW folks that came out and supported that we were sort of blown away had all those numbers out there but (uh) Snake Road. Never drove Snake Road now I have so (um) one of those one of those bucket list kind of things to do. So until we see you then Happy Motoring everybody, bye now, thanks.

Stan Dale
President, Florida SunCoast BMW CCA


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