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Hey everybody, Stan Dale, President of Florida SunCoast, hope you’re doing well. Hey I tell you what we just came off a great weekend of (uh) the the Bimmer Invasion up in Orlando and wow what a show. We had a great time, tons of folks there, I think it’s about 1500 cars there. I want to thank everybody that came out to support us, all the members and everything that came out to stop by the the tent and say hello and also for those folks (uh) that that put their car up for display. (uh) We had cars from all over Florida, so it was really cool. Chris Schroeder and Margaret Schroeder, want to congratulate them for winning a best of class with their ’72 3.0 CSI. J just an amazing car but we had amazing cars across the grid so just a lot of fun to (uh) to do that and see that so I truly enjoyed it. Thank you (uh) for Simone Harrison (um) Esteban with M Chapter, Paul with National Capital, all the folks that came out to help support. We had the M Chapter there, we had the the FSC Chapter there is just a really cool thing. Hey we thought we were busy in January and early February but we’re just as busy going into March and as we look at the (um) the calendar coming up this weekend we have Kevin Tipton’s Bimmers Bends and Brews up in Wesley Chapel and then we come into the 28th that we have a dinner up at (um) up in Jacksonville with Al McKay’s group, we go out to the Panhandle with Justin and Courtney and we have the Panhandle Meetup out there and then we come back (um we come back) in early March for (uh) the early meeting in the Panama City area Chris Schroeder is putting that together for the folks and members up in the up in the Forgotten Coast Area so be our first inaugural meeting and get together so we’re looking forward to that and how that turns out, so (uh) just gonna enjoy that. March the 5th is the first Sunday of the month is the BIG in Cape Coral so we have (uh) I don’t know probably 20 plus BMWs that are on show (uh) in the British Italian German car show. This is (uh) just a car show with just a ton of eclectic vehicles, British, Italian Collections and German cars from Audi all the way through Volkswagen, I mean it’s (uh) we got Porsche ,Mercedes, BMWs and I think BMW this time leads the pack and number of cars entered in the in the German class so I’m looking forward to seeing how we trophy out above the other makes so (um) if you’re in the if you’re in that show great, if you’re not in the show and you’re looking for something to do on the 5th come on over to Cape Coral (uh) the walk-in is free but (uh) the show cars and how they’re how they’re positioned and everything in this it’s just artistic look at it in this in this park (uh) it’s just, just stunning. Other events coming along, we have events up through up through the (um) BMW Sarasota is the first Saturday of the month as well, we also have (uh) up in the (uh) the OCC over in over in St Pete/Clearwater we’ll have some other things coming up for the Punta Gorda/Port Charlotte area with Jon and then we go up to Meribeth and Meribeth’s got the Cars & Coffee going on up there and she’s had two great shows already and another one’s on tap, so just a lot of things happening around the state with your car club come on out and be a part, you have a lot to choose from now so everything’s on the calendar take a look down below pick out a couple things you’d like to do come out and be a part and get off that sofa and come be a part of us, so until then we’ll tell you Happy Motoring y’all, see you soon, thanks, bye

Stan Dale
President, Florida Suncoast BMW CCA


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