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Hey guys Stan Dale, President of Florida SunCoast BMW, hope you’re doing well. Hey stuck here in the (uh) Houston airport trying to get out tonight hopefully get home late tonight and but I want to get this video up (uh) for everybody want to first of all say thanks to everybody that came out to the (uh to the uh) Invasion in in Orlando last week and had a great weekend we put up the (uh) BMW City check us out on the Facebook account and everybody’s posting pictures and etc about that so thanks to the M Chapter thanks to (uh) Everglades Chapter, Sunshine, thanks to (uh) BMW CCA for coming out and for the Performance Center so we we had a ton of people out had a really great setup and (uh) a little rainy, a little cold but we survived it and (uh and uh) we talked to some new people new membership so it was a lot of fun visited with old friends, new friends and (uh and) made new members so it was really pretty cool. Let me do a quick rundown we have 9 events coming up in the next week or two so let me run through those real quick. irst of all (um) Saturday the 24th we have a joint driving event Jacksonville and Ocala joining together to meet out (um) I think this is at the Micopany if I said that right (uh) drive out for lunch so (uh) check that out on the 24th. March 2nd we have two events going on Sarasota Cars & Coffee (uh) BMW Sarasota and then (uh) Naples drive to Cruise and Chow down at Chokoloskee so that’s (uh) that’s Anthony and Debbie’s event down there. We have haven’t gone south in in a lot of years so this will be our first event that deep south (uh) south of Naples and (uh) what a really neat place (uh) to hang out down there from 1:00 to 4:00. On the 3rd March, the 3rd (uh) breakfast at Punta Gorda/ Port Charlotte that’s John and (uh) we’re teaming up with the (uh Z) Z group so having breakfast on the third. On the 5th we’re at St Pete and Clearwater (uh) the Asian Pearl so (um) Jeff’s got us at a new new location there Asian food so it should be good (um) looking forward to that on the 5th. On the 9th we have two events there Jacksonville Caffeine & Octane (uh) that’s Al and (um and uh) it it’s that (that’s just that’s just a really) that’s just a really neat (uh) event Caffeine & Octane a lot of lot of folks come out so (um) looking forward to that. On the 9th we have Lakeland Cars and Coffee at feels BMW so that’s Kyle’s event (uh) just that thing’s going strong as well encourage you to get there. On the 10th, man we got a whole weekend of stuff to do here, on the 10th we’re the last of the season this is the we’re going to park it for the summertime but this is the last Naples Cars & Coffee at Germaine BMW down in Naples so come on out make it a blowout (uh) if you’re down in that neighborhood come and join us and then we’ll park that for the summer. We’re going to do some other things with (uh) BMW with Germaine BMW, John Costa and his group (uh) we’re going to be doing some tennis tournaments and some other things so (uh um) we we’ll (we’ll) be bringing some news there. On the 10th also on the north side of Florida and Ocala area Horsepower Cup and Car Parade Meribeth has put together this amazing thing (uh) at the polo match cars do a parade on the polo field (uh) so (uh) and they they’ll that trophies in the whole n yards it’s a very upscale thing and then you do a and then you do a tailgate at the polo club there at Horsepower Cup and Car Parade so check that out on the 10th if you’re in the if you’re in up the north Florida area or you just want to take a big drive up that door side this is going to be a really cool event kudos to Meribeth for rolling this thing out. On, let me jump ahead to April 12th real quick is a Revs tour so we need 20 folks on that Revs tour, we got people signing up so go ahead and get on there if you’ve never been there an amazing (amazing) place to go see what they have (uh) probably one of the one, probably one of the country’s top three and maybe the world’s top three collections (uh) just some really rare rare rare stuff I always enjoy going seeing that so April the 12th. (uh) Also in April if you didn’t see it already the MiX the MiX in Spartanburg so go ahead and get your registration as we get the registrations up and going we’ll put a petition out who’s going up and then we’ll (we’ll) arrange to drive along and ride along and see what we do there. (um) I’m talking over the (uh) intercom here so bear with me and then the last thing I’m going to tell you is we think we’ve lined up a Performance Day the day before we arrive at the Mountain Drive in October for those folks that have RSVP for the Mountain Drive we’re full so expect an email with some information about Performance Drive the day before at a really good rate I want to want to go ahead and thank Reed Wilson at the Performance Center (uh) for lining this up and (um) we’re we’re working out the details right now but (um) watch for watch for an email. I’m going to need a commitment (uh) for at least at least 10 to 15 people to make that happen but the price is going to be crazy so (um) we expect it to be about $239 for the for the event at the Performance Center if you want to get in (um uh) watch we’ll we’ll load some information so you can get there. Until then (um) check out the website we have some other events going on we have some joint events going on with PCA Porsche (uh) Everglades group and those kind of things look on the website you can see that information. Until then I’m going to fly safe you safe and we’ll see you soon. Happy Motoring y’all, bye now.

Stan Dale
President, Florida SunCoast BMW CCA


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