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Hey everybody, Stan Dale, President Florida SunCoast BMW, hope you’re doing well. Hey it’s the night before (uh) the (uh) Bimmer Invasion in Orlando and hey we’re all packed up ready to go we have a ton of folks are going to be up there tomorrow in (uh) Orlando for (uh) Bimmer Invasion and (uh) hey if you’re out and about (uh) come on by and check us out, It’ll be a thousand BMWs, literally a thousand BMWs (uh) gathered of all makes all sizes and all designs, so it should be a really good show. This is our first year Florida SunCoast first year (uh) here doing a sponsorship for the (uh for the) Invasion and we’re just loving it. We’re going to be there with the Performance Center. We’re also going to be there with the M Chapter so (uh) come on out say hello to us and and join the fun. Hey today is also, when you’re seeing this Friday morning today is the final day to register for (uh) the BIG Show, British Italian German, car show in Cape Coral the first Sunday in March but today is the final day for registration so get signed up. We already have, I think, there’s probably 20 or so BMWs already signed up for it. It’s a great show, great venue, the trophies are just absolutely remarkable (um) so come on out and (and) be a part of that. I know I’ve seen (I’ve seen) the list of sign ups so far and we have (we have) cars in all different classes, so go online (uh) our the link is there on our chapter (uh) on the (on the) calendar page. Go sign up, the 17th, no registration the day of the show absolutely not. Today is today will be the final day, so go ahead and get your registration in and come be a part of that. Hey I’m real proud of (uh) just a couple of expansions. We’ve got (uh) we just held a couple of (uh) morning breakfast Sunday morning breakfast in our Punta Gorda/Port Charlotte Area. John Schneider has put together a couple of Sunday morning events (uh) one on the on the top of the Wyvern Hotel there sort of a sun up breakfast and then just this past week at Austin’s. So John has really opened up that (uh) that Port Charlotte area. I think we had 30 couple of the first out (uh) 20 or 25 the second outing. Really great show. Hey up in the Ocala/Villages and (uh) Gainesville area Meribeth Culver, our new area Governor up there, just put on a really great show this past Sunday and we had a ton of folks out for Cars and Coffee at the Whole Foods which is like a farmer’s market kind of setting, so a ton of folks out there came by and saw her, the dealership was out, gave us a little splash on there on their website as well. A lot of things happening. If you haven’t seen it already it might be on this link check out the BimmerLife this week, we’re featured in part of the article about this the Bimmer Invasion didn’t mean to back up but check out the article in BimmerLife and hey thanks to Mike Bevels who (uh) who’s the author of editor for that (uh) BimmerLife article and Mike we really appreciate you man. Thanks for (uh) thanks for giving us some shine there, we really do appreciate that and we’re going to come up and make it a really cool event hope to see you there. Over the Panhandle (uh) Justin and (Cory) Courtney and then in Tallahassee John and then down in the (uh the) Forgotten Coast Area now Chris. All those guys are putting together programs (uh) for the Panhandle, Tallahassee and and West areas, so if you’re members and you’re seeing this, sign up through the website get your name on the RSVP list come on out. We’re trying to put together drives and meetups and Tech Sessions but we’ve got to have folks that come out and respond. So come on out and join us. Let me take a few minutes to talk about the (um um) a Facebook account that we have, so we’ve got Facebook for Florida SunCoast BMW members so members only, it’s a place where you can go in talk to members find out about things, ask questions, do meetups on your own, (uh) picnics in your backyard, whatever the case may be but it’s a great way to talk to the members where we haven’t had a platform to do that now we have (uh) FSC Facebook and you can do that and (uh and) then do when you do your RSVPs it goes right back into the website and you can do your RSVP in one shot both are linked together so it really helps us out in planning and those kind of things, so take advantage of that, not only do you have to look at the website but you can do the Facebook as well talk to other members you got questions (uh) you can put them up there. You got (uh you got) questions you got (uh) things you want to do, impromptu get-togethers (uh) it’ll be on your, it’ll not be an FSC event necessarily if you’ve been doing impromptu because of liability and insurance but members can meet members and go do things, that’s what it’s all about , it’s about creating that (uh that) lifestyle membership kind of thing so get that done. So a lot of things happening check out this as always go to the calendar check out the rsvp’s down below (uh) thank you to everybody that comes out and supports us we certainly do appreciate that as we like to say man if you’re sitting on the sofa you’re wasting time come on out and join us. Happy Motoring everybody, see you next time, bye now.

Stan Dale
President, Florida Suncoast BMW CCA


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