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Hey guys Stan Dale, President Florida SunCoast BMW, hope you’re doing well. Here it is another Thursday of Friday night and actually this is Thursday night tonight cause tomorrow night I’ll be in (I’ll be in) Orlando getting ready for Bimmer Invasion. (uh) This Saturday we have (uh) two events going on here in Fort Myers Cars & Coffee at the dealership so come on out and join everybody at the dealership. I won’t be there this week I’m anchoring the (uh) Florida SunCoast Tent at the Bimmer Invasion in Orlando. 1,800-2,000 BMWs will (uh will uh) assault Orlando and (uh and) we’re going to have about a dozen of our cars there for (uh for) a show so should be a good (should be a good uh) good turnout we’ll have some videos and all that kind of stuff for you all over the (uh) the Facebook and the and the website and all that. Should be a (should be a) fun outing (uh) so check out Cars & Coffee Fort Myers this weekend if not check out Bimmer Invasion and (uh and) then watch for the (uh the) photo reports coming in on each of those, On the 20th, we’re at Jacksonville, Jacksonville is at the Seven Bridges Grill and and Brewery so check that out on the 20th. Al’s outing on the 20th in Jacksonville. On the 24th we have the Joint drive to a Pearl General Store, I think I’m going to say this town right Mmy CA my my canopy my campany (Micanopy). I I’ll probably brutalize that really bad, somebody give me the details down below if you don’t mind (uh) Joint Drive coming up from Ocala Meribeth’s region is joining up halfway meeting Al’s region from Jacksonville (uh) to have a have a nice meal there. On the 24th check that out at the (uh) at the Pearl General Store. On the second (on the second um) let’s see can read a notes Sarasota Cars & Coffee on the 2nd of March and then on the 2nd of March we haven’t been to this place in forever and a day (um) we’re going to Cruise and Chow at Chokoloskee. (um) This is down south of (of uh uh) Marco Island. It’s this great little hideout place down there with some great food (uh) just a really cool place to go hang, check out that’s going to be Anthony and Deb’s (uh) venture down there so( uh) Cruise and Chow Down to Chokoloskee. I’ve got if I can get on that that happens to be birthday weekend I just I’m going to be turning older (um) on that weekend so I may or may not be able to get away but a lot of things happening here we go and then go ahead and look into into March cause we have a ton of things going on in the in the month of March already booked so uh heads up. So until then hey thank everybody and (uh) Happy Motoring we’ll see you soon, thanks bye..

Stan Dale
President, Florida SunCoast BMW CCA


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