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Hey, good morning folks. This is Stan Dale, President of Florida SunCoast and (uh) with me we have a longtime member, just a sweet lady, Lee Perrault. Lee how are you this morning? I’m excellent, thanks. Hey, we’re out at the Cars & Coffee in Fort Myers this morning sharing times with everybody. But I wanted you guys to get an opportunity to get an up-close look at Lee’s 2002. Lee, what year is your car? ’76. ’76, all original? Last year they made it, all, pretty much all original. Wow what a beautiful car! Yeah, I love this car. We, you and I met, I don’t know, six or seven years ago, on your way down and at the time you had two of these, I think didn’t you. Ah no, I just had it in a barn up in New Hampshire. That’s what it was, that’s what it was, so just an amazing car. Lee (lee) is part of our 2002 Group and (um and) shares a lot of time with the 2002 Group, came out this morning (uh) sharing this car just a sweetheart of a car. I got to tell you what, love this love this vehicle. Let’s take a real quick look around, Lee tell us what we’re looking at here. So this is the original engine box? This is the original it’s all matching numbers (um) it’s the last year they made it, it’s all pretty much stock other than my second weber carburetor. Yeah. And I did some custom powder coating on my wheels (um) but I am living with it stock (ah) because he’s kind of outlasted the resto mod crowd. So (um) Yeah you know he’s an American spec car, so he’s got the big bumpers and the big signals and you know most people like the smaller Euro bumpers and the recessed signals but you know at this point I’ve had him since brand new and (um and) I’m (I’m) just out lasting the bumpers. Had him for 45 years, 46 years now. Wow, 46 years that’s amazing (uh) for our drive-through world, like a McDonald’s drive-through world, this is (this is) what really lasts, this is what really counts, this is a love affair with a car right here. Been a love affair. Yeah, we (uh) just to let you know (um) we were in Germany with the military in the 70s and we were able to order this car right off the production line and take delivery and drive him on the Autobahn for two three years. He was serviced at the Munich plant and (uh) it makes him pretty special, I think. That’s awesome, that’s awesome. Hey if you want to see this car a little bit more up close, come join us for the BIG Show over in Cape Coral the first Sunday in March. I think it’s March 6th. (uh) Lee will be there, car will be there, come take a real close look. We just (we just we just) love this 2002 group. What a legacy we have and it’s really a pleasure to see somebody that’s still loves a car after 46 years, totally in love with it and takes such good care of it. The their the passion is there. I just have to say, we are very lucky to have this man, he does so much for everyone who loves these cars. Well, I love you too. Thank you very much. So (uh) to everybody, we say happy motoring, come see us, talk to you soon, bye now.

Click here to veiw the 2002 Forever Chapter website.

Stan Dale
President, Florida Suncoast BMW CCA


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