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Hey everybody, Stan Dale, President of Florida SunCoast BMW, hope you’re doing well. Hey here we are again tonight jump back in to the (uh) website because I want to walk through a couple of the archives with you just (uh) just we have a collection of (uh) just amazing photographs of people and places and (uh) in our cars and (uh) if you haven’t been on the site to see this it’s just remarkable. Let me get myself out of the way here and (uh) I’ll jump up here in the corner out of the way and I thought I’d take a a stroll through memory lane here we are in our 2002 group. We got a very active 2002 group in our chapter (uh) as well as we do with the Z Club here here’s a 2002 outing,(uh) Cars and Coffee outings, (uh) some (some) night time drive-in movie outings (um) of course Kevin Tipton’s a Bimmers (uh) Bends and Brews up at Wesley Chapel (uh) is always a hit. (uh) The St Pete (um) the Saint Pete program up there at the OCC is just a great (uh just a great outing) all those folks (uh) coming out that we we typically have I guess around 20 folks are out. (uh) Coming up is the (uh) the 23 (uh) BIG Show and so if you haven’t registered yet for the BIG Show, that is the British Italian German car show, the registration ends on the 17th and it’s a hard close you can’t register the day of the show. So get in there you’ll see some just amazing cars, (uh) just all all kinds from all legacy of BMWs throughout the whole process and so get on the get on the archives and just take a stroll through there but better than that come out to the event that’s what it’s all about. It’s live it’s right there and these are these are just snapshots of some of the outings that we’ve taken. (uh just) Just reminds me just all kind of things that go on around the place (uh) we’re up at Sarasota we had a amazing turnout this past weekend at the BMW Sarasota (SQR) SRQ Cars and Coffee I think we had 30 cars and something like 45 folks out and just (just) a really fun. The rumor has it (rumor has it one) of our chapter members bought a M5 while he was on the property, so we’ll see if we can’t confirm that rumor to be true and get some photographs for you but all kind of outings and stuff where our folks were tossed up tents. the Panhandle Cars and Coffee last July was amazing. Here’s Winston with his goggles on, must have been one of those dog days this summer, (uh) who knows you know it’s (uh) with and is a is a favorite and (uh) here we are at one of the carbs and coffee outings as well so it’s (uh uh) you know just a great time to come out and socialize meet (uh) meet other members and (uh and and) talk cars or talks the socials you know we did a bunch of stuff this past year (uh) Tech Tours through the (uh through uh) the BMW piece as well, through the shops, (uh) Daytona, Sebring drive-ons, a lot of memory there. We had a just a remarkable memory those folks that were on the (uh) Life as a Highway Tour into the mountains. (uh) The 2002 group, Brian puts on a great (uh) a great time with those folks as does the Z Club so thanks to Irwin as well for hosting the Z outings. Here’s a (here’s) a big crowd up at the OCC again and here we are out at Sebring. (um) So it’s just a a wealth of things to do (um) you know as we say sometimes if (if) you’re sitting on the sofa you’re missing all the good stuff. It’s all in here, it’s all down in the archives where you can click up on the archives link there and go in and see the Flickr accounts and there’s years worth of stuff so (um) but better than that come on out to the events that’s what makes the pictures (uh) well worth it so take a look at the menu down below (um) pick out your thing then RSVP come on come out and be with us. As we said everybody, Happy Motoring y’all, see you next time, bye now.

Stan Dale
President, Florida Suncoast BMW CCA


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