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Hey guys, Stan Dale. President of Florida SunCoast BMW. Hope you’re doing well. Hey it’s a chilly evening here in (uh in) Fort Myers Florida, get out some news for this coming week. Got a lot of activities coming up in the next couple of days, so next Tuesday the 15th we have the OCC Roadhouse event next Tuesday night up there. A bunch of us from (uh) the Fort Myers area,Naples/Fort Myers area and around are heading up for that Tuesday night event and looking forward to it. Rob and (uh and) Kerri, his wife, put together a really neat thing and (and) I just got to encourage you let’s go out and support that (uh) process. They have some awesome parking, awesome food, have a private room for us and everything’s just set up for us there. So I’m gonna go up and (uh) this will be my first time there I’m looking forward to it and (uh and) invite you to come out and join us. On the 26th we have three big events going on on the 26th, Check them out in the RSVP’s down below but the (the) first one is the in Sarasota at the BMW of Sarasota is our Caffeine and Gasoline on Saturday morning 8 to 11 and coffee donuts and the things there come on out be with us there enjoy that all the folks Rob, Russ and (um) Fran do a great job hosting that putting it together. So come on out see us there. On the north side of Tampa Kevin, Kevin Tipton’s group (uh) this is the (uh) (Bimmers) Bimmers, Bends and Brews so (uh) check that out it’s always a nice outing there. A little drive and (uh and) a get-together there, so check out that one and if you’re up in the Jacksonville area same day the 26th, we have a drive (uh) starts up in Jacksonville heads down towards Saint Augustine. Nice little drive about a 48-50 mile drive ending up at a really cool restaurant down there, check it out in the in the links down below. (um) It’s just a lot of activities going up, I’m gonna mention this one, it’s a sort of last call get your car in (um) this is the BIG, the British Italian German Car Show over in Cape Coral Florida down in Cape Coral Florida whichever way you’re looking at it coming from coming to it but let me encourage you the window’s closing for (for) a registration that’s the first (uh) first Sunday (first Sunday) in (uh) March (uh) but the registration is closing, I believe, this weekend so if you’re gonna get in it, get in now. Amazing, amazing venue (uh) to put our cars there and (um and) then (uh) sort of a it’s (a it’s a um) sort of an open (uh) nomination for cars but the trophies are out of this world and (uh) you want to get down there and check this out. If you just don’t put your car in, just drive down and take it, it doesn’t cost you anything to get in and take a look and come and be a part but it’s a (it’s a) great venue this will be the 10th year that the BIG show has been around and (uh) just want to encourage all the BMW members to get your cars in there. There’s going to be some amazing cars on the concourse. I’ve already seen some of those. The car show has a 150 car cap, so I know there are some categories in the BMW group that have yet to be filled out and so (uh) check it out. Go online check them out right quick you can pay online, it’s pretty fast, pretty easy (uh) there’s no cars day or registration, once they close registration it’s done. You can get in to see us but you can’t get in to participate or compete. So (uh) let me encourage you to do that. As always we got some things going on, let me throw out some kudos to some of our guys up on the north side, Justin and Courtney, up on the Panhandle, if you’re watching this video get in touch with those guys. They’re putting together some really great things, we want to see you be a par of there. We’re trying to wake that up and Justin and Courtney are just doing a great job trying to get it stirred up. Don’t let me forget Tallahassee too, John over in Tallahassee’s doing a bunch of things cars and coffees and (and uh and) then the like there so (um) just go be a part of all these (all these) locations (uh) we got we’ll have some things coming at you here soon in the Ocala (um) up in the Ocala and the (um) Gainesville area so (um) just stay tuned a lot of things happening (uh) around the place so (uh) glad you’re there. Hey for everybody out there, happy motoring, take care now, see you. now bye.

Stan Dale
President, Florida Suncoast BMW CCA


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