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Hey everybody, Stan Dale, President of Florida SuncCoast BMW. Hey, we’re doing something a little bit different tonight (uh) we’re out here on our internet (uh) just pulled up the Florida SunCoast BMW UPCOMING EVENTS. Thought we’d sort of walk through it quickly because there’s a lot going on. So. (uh) If you go to our website go to to go to CALENDAR and then go to UPCOMING here we are and something about our website I’ll tell you, anything in blue it’s (uh) it’s not necessarily a Florida SunCoast sanctioned event but it’s an event that’s worthy of posting for your information, you may want to take it in. So on the second (um second) through the fifth is Cars on Fifth down in Naples, Florida. Just an amazing collection of (uh) high-end exotic cars, Porsche, BMW (uh) Ferraris, etc. so take that in. It’s sort of interesting kind of thing to do. By the time we have this meeting (uh) time you see this our Panhandle group has already had their meeting at Bavaria up in Pensacola but that’s on the agenda for Justin’s put that’s together puts that together for the Pensacola area., does a great job. We have a Lakeland Cars and Coffee at Lakeland Lender International Airport and then on the fourth (uh) this coming Saturday we have BMW Sarasota. It’s our Cars and Coffee, we finally get this thing launched and we’re on the property, hooray for Rob and for Fran and for Russ working this deals out so (uh we’re we’re uh) Cars and Coffee at Sarasota BMW Sarasota. Coming up in Punta Gorda on the fifth Sunday at Aston, excuse me Austin’s (uh) this is a the Punta Gorda/Port Charlotte breakfast meeting and thanks to John Schneider for putting this together and appreciate Irwin Block and all the Z Group for (uh) coming out for that as well to be a combination of breakfast, be a ton of people there, you need to RSVP and let folks know you’re coming because that will get crowded. I think their first outing last month had over 30 people there so looking forward to that and thanks for your response there. (uh) We have a Southwood Cars and Coffee this is up in Tallahassee, John Conley, our Area Governor up there, (uh) helps anchor this thing so (uh) take a peek at that and then (uh) Wunder Cars the open house at the Ultimate Driving Museum in Greer South Carolina opens on February the 11th (um) you might want to consider that just kind of some amazing BMWs if you’re up in the South Carolina area touring around. Gainesville Cars and Coffee this is (uh this is the) first of (uh) it’s going to be at Whole Foods in Gainesville off of Archer Road. Meribeth Culver’s our Regional Governor there and our Area Governor there and has put this event together it’s sort of like a (sort of like a uh) Farmers Market kind of environment and just a ton a ton of folks there, we’ll have our tent, our booth hold on yards Meribeth will be there, go out and say hello to her (uh) she’s getting things kicked off up in that Gainesville/ Ocala/Villages area so go out and support Meribeth, say hello to her. We welcome her to our (uh to our) planning team. (uh) February 18th is (uh) Fort Myers Cars and Cars and Coffee at the BMW Fort Myers just a great dealership really support us so come on out if you’re there if you’re in the local region here come on down and say hello to everybody there and on the same day we’ll be working a booth at Bimmer Invasion, 2023 Bimmer Invasion (uh) Kevin Tipton (uh) who’s now on our Board is one of the key planners (uh) for this he and Corey and a lot a lot of support folks put this thing together to be a thousand BMWs, I’m not kidding you, a thousand BMWs at Bimmer Invasion there in Orlando, (um) We’ll be there and along with the (uh) Performance Center and along with the M Chapter supporting (uh) Bimmer Invasion, so if you’re up in the Orlando area you want to take in the day at February 18th come on out and see us there. (um) The 21st St Pete/Clearwater, we’re over at the OCC Roadhouse, Tony, Heidi, Dennis and all the support folks there just put on a great show. The OCC has just done a marvelous job in supporting our Chapter, the food’s good the (the the) environment’s great, the music’s good, we have the private room there they park us out on the front deck. (uh our) Our table and our tent and everything will be up so come on out support just take that in (in) St Pete/Clearwater so thanks to Tony and the crew for that. Again Kevin Tipton’s (uh) Bimmers, Bends and Brews out of the Wesley Chapel area the north side of town, north side of Tampa going to the Double Branch Artesinal Ales for their drive this month so check that out if you’re going to go have some spirited driving. (um) Kevin has a couple two or three different layouts that we drive and it’s just a really fun day so go see Kevin on the on the 25th of February. In Lakeland we have Cars and Coffee on March the 4th over at Lake Lakeland Linder International Airport a great event there, you might want to check that out. Okay folks it’s that time of year again BIG, the BIG European car show, British, Italian, German car show and the Rotary Park in Cape Coral. Yeah the storm Ian came through and messed up the park a little bit but they’re ready for us got it all cleaned up. What a great environment to have a car show, just has that artsy feeling to it and you’re out in the nature it’s just a beautiful place for a car show. I’m (uh) you’ve got to get your registration in. The registration closes off on the 17th of (uh) February so no registrations after that, no day of the show registrations. The trophies are remarkable so let me encourage you to get on out there get your registration. I’ll be there a bunch of folks from our Chapter will be there but get your car in that show and you’ll have a you’ll have just a grand time I promise you. (uh) The last one on our calendar right now is the Magnificent Mountain Driving Tour 2, so we’re coming up on (uh in) in October. (um) You got to do two things, you got to go on our website and RSVP let us know you’re planning to go, it’s capped at 55 folks or 30 BMWs whichever we achieve first and then you need to call up to Maggie Valley Creekside Lodge and talk to Carol all the instructions are in the or in the information zone here, just click on for more information on any of these but click on here and get all your details two RSVPs required one through Florida SunCoast and the other one get your room reserved, doesn’t cost you anything until October but get your name on one of those rooms if you’re going to stay there and just come have a great what a great outing that was and we’re looking forward to replicate it again. Thought we’d try this medium tonight (um) sort of talk a little bit about the website. We’ll do this periodically just giving you some new details, so until then, hey like we say if you’re sitting on the sofa you’re wasting time come on out and play, until then (uh) Happy Motoring, see you everybody, talk to you soon, bye.(

Stan Dale
President, Florida Suncoast BMW CCA


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