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Hey everybody, Stan Dale, President, Florida SunCoast BMW. Hope you’re doing well, hope your Christmas was a (was a) great (uh) time with your family and friends and (uh and) some worship time. So (uh) we’re we’re coming up on the New Year’s (uh) weekend. Start of a whole new fresh year and (um) we’re up here in the mountains of North Carolina. I gotta tell you, it’s really, it’s really cold so (uh uh) there was there was no outside activities at all this this (uh this) holiday season. So (um) getting ready to come into the new January (uh) starting off early part of January we have (uh) the Panhandle’s having a dinner so take a look at (take a look at) that information down below and then we have the OCC coming up, we’re pushing off the (um the) return to the BMW Sarasota to the first (uh) Saturday in February. I believe it’s February 5th but wait and see what the calendar says, I believe that’s the date. We’ve got a line for it. So a little bit of a change there BMW of Sarasota but (uh) we’ll (uh we’ll) you’ll see it on the calendar as we get that updated also (uh) Cars and Coffee in Fort Myers we’re changing that weekend for January only because it the the normal date conflicts with our (uh) with our Annual Dinner at the Aquarium so Cars & Coffee for January is going to be January the 14th so (uh) those folks in and around (uh uh) the Fort Myers area and all those folks that come down and around for that (uh) we’re just moving it up by one weekend and then we go into the Annual Dinner on the 21st. There’s (a there’s) only a few tickets left (uh) if you’re interested, you need to jump on the line right quick and to (uh uh) and (uh) and get your tickets there’s just a few left and then it’ll be a sellout so (um) come and join us it’ll be a great evening of fun. We have reserved the Aquarium in Tampa (uh) exclusively for us. We get an hour tour while they service some really nice hors d’oeuvres and then we have a dinner and our presentations and the like, so (um uh) if you’re interested in making that happen (uh) jump online real quick and get your tickets before they get (uh) before they’re finished. We’re almost through with our elections, I think maybe by the time by the next time I talk to you (uh) the election cycle should be over (um) and so we’ll (uh we’ll) announce all that information (um) closer to the (uh) or actually at the dinner on the 21st (um) for those Officers, Board Members and Area Governors (uh) just a reminder January 21st also is our Officer, Board and Area Governor meeting location is being finalized so I’ll have that information plus the agenda out to you as I get back into the swing of things. I’m (I’m) leaving for North Carolina in (uh) in just a day or so and then I’ll still have about all that wrapped up so look for that information coming through. (um) We’re really planning a huge 2023 and really some really cool announcements on our Motorsports side so (uh) I’ve alluded to that so we’re that close to getting all that information out there so a lot of things going on in January (um) I know the end of January we have um the 24 hours at (uh) at Daytona the Rolex (uh) I’m not aware of anything that BMW is doing right now for the Rolex but I know there’s a lot of folks in our chapter and our members that attend the Rolex information so it’s all out there so (um) we’ll see some of that happening and then February is going to be rather busy as well we are going to participate in the BMW Invasion in (um) in Orlando this year. We actually have a tent there (uh) National we’ll have a excuse me (um) the CCA will actually have a tent and presentation there the M Chapter will have a tent presentation there and Florida SunCoast will have a tent and presentation. We’re busy right now slotting in six premier BMWs in our (in our) arena, We’ve been allotted six slots and I think we’re halfway full with that so I’m reaching out to specific folks I’d like to see some specific (uh) grouping of cars if you will to represent our whole Chapter and (uh) and if you could participate when I call if I call you (um) we’d love to do that. If you’ve got something special you think I need to know about a quick email to me. You can go down on the main page find my email shoot me a quick note about what you have and see if (um) see if that could fit our (our) setup for the BMW Invasion in (um) that is in February in Orlando so (uh) looking forward to it a lot of things happening. (um) Looking forward to kicking off the new year and as always I want to say thanks for all (all) those members. Love the, love the cards and letters and the and the fan mail on (on) this YouTube stuff., So keep them coming we appreciate that and I hope you like some of the changes we’ve made with some of the interviews, hope you didn’t miss those on last week’s (uh last week’s uh) dispatch. So until then I’ll tell everybody now (uh) Happy New Year (uh) have a, hope your family is healthy, wealthy and wise, as they say and we’ll see you soon then, until then, Happy Motoring, Happy New Year, see you, bye.

Stan Dale
President, Florida Suncoast BMW CCA


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