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Hey everybody, Stan Dale, President Florida SunCoast BMW hope you’re doing well. Hey it’s one of those (uh) nighttime videos again. Got home a little bit late so wanna get the word out for you. Hey a couple things coming up on the (on the) calendar below down the RSVPs. We’ve got a couple drives coming up, Kevin Tipton’s got another one of his nice drives coming up in the middle of the state and we have a rally up in the Jacksonville area, so for you guys up in the Jacksonville area Al MacKay, our area governor up there, has put together a nice drive so look for that coming up (uh) it’s down to the RSVP come out and join us. I think that’s gonna be a fun trip (uh) got some food involved in it so that’s always makes a good (a good) outing. (uh) Let me give you a couple updates of the BIG show the (22) 2022 BIG show is (uh) the first Sunday in March this year and I know it’s on the same weekend as the Amelia Island program so I know we have some some members and cars going that direction but if you’re (uh) if you’re want to be a part of the BIG show the British Italian German car show in Cape Coral is the 10th year. Really nice trophies it’s an online registration the first 150 cars just came from the meeting last night we’ve already got 75 cars signed up so only about another 75 cars to fill out the field. You’ll want to be a part of that so come on out and do that (uh) some another (uh) piece of big news we will be driving on Daytona track with HSR this year so watch (uh) we’re (we’re) lining up the (uh uh) the whole program for Friday travel up and (uh) Saturday on track and meals and everything hotels and those knd of things so watch for that, you want to be a part.
A week or two ago I told you about an outing with a friend of ours from Wisconsin, Tom who put together a really nice outing for Roebling that’s full and I’m really proud of you folks. We put the message out and within two days, Tom filled up the entire field. It’s a really really great track time you have eight hours of track time it’s $325 $350 or something like that for eight hours of track time with the cap of 10 cars so you’d have the whole track for eight hours. Man what a great deal, Tom thanks for putting that together. We are (uh) looking at taking some folks up for a tour. If you just want to go up to the day and (and) watch (um) I’ll put something out here. You might just want to give me a email, text message, give me a call that you might be interested and if so we have enough people we’ll take a trip up there and watch the guys do their laps. We won’t get any track time and we won’t get any seats but we’ll go up it’ll be a great day just to go up to the track. If you’ve never been might be something you’d be interested in (in) going up just take a peek at right there Savannah, Georgia at Roebling (um) and then again you know we’ve got things coming on all the time (uh) the Autocross here in Fort Myers, first weekend (uh) in the month (uh) Hubert and the guys over there just do a phenomenal job so if you want to get into Autocross so just come check it out, come do that and (and) see what it’s all about. Any of these programs it’s (uh) you know we welcome you to come out and get involved, be involved, and again all of our area managers have things on plans and we’re going to do a tour in February a drive up on a Tuesday night to the OCC (uh) the Orange County Chopper thing and I’ve got a bunch of folks from Naples that want to drive up so right now we’re planning that drive. If you want to be a part of that (uh) all you got to do is just let us know. So listen (uh) one special little video (vin) vignette tonight (uh) Tom Klee purchased an i8 (purchased an i8 um uh) Roadster so we’re gonna give you a real quick (uh) shot of Tom climbing in and climbing out of the i8 Roadster. I hope you enjoy that and until then, happy motoring everybody, see you later, thanks.

Stan Dale
President, Florida Suncoast BMW CCA


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