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Hey there, just wanted to take a minute to say “hey”…
Happy Motoring…

Stan Dale
President, Florida Suncoast BMW CCA

Hey everybody, Stan Dale, President of Florida Suncoast BMW. I hope you’re doing well. It’s the holiday season. Just stopped to say Happy Holidays to you and your family. Hope you stay safe over these holiday periods. (uh) 2020, what a year! I can’t say that I’ve ever experienced anything like that I’m sure you haven’t either. (uh) We’re going to look at 2021 and blow the dust off our events and come out with some really, hopefully, super cool things to do. We’ll have to start a little slow based on what’s going on with this covid thing but (uh) we’ll get it back on track. Stay Safe for you and your family if you’re traveling. Happy Holidays! Thanks for your membership. We’ll see you soon, Happy Motoring everybody. Bye now.

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