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Hey guys, Stan Dale, President Florida SunCoast, hope you’re doing well. Just off of this Sebring (uh) HSR event this past weekend what a blast took (uh) almost 50 of our best friends and (uh) and about 30 cars out to the track had a blast big Corral out in turns 15 and 16. (uh) Some good food I think the chef (uh I think the chef) passed mustard this year, so some some good food out there, had a blast doing that and (uh) next up on the agenda we’re working out the details right now for Road Atlanta in April, late April with HSR, so pay attention to that. Details will be out after the holidays. Up next is (uh) voting for (uh is voting for) our Chapter Officers, Our Board of Directors (uh) takes about a minute something like that you can do it sitting on your sofa. Click in do the voting it’s important to us just to make sure that your voice is heard and we’ve got some really cool plans for next year so we’ll do that. We got three new area Governors that we’re working with (with) and we’re up, we’re expanding, we’re opening a territory up in the (uh) I don’t know what to call it, the the territory south of Tallahassee in the territory east of Panama City in the Panama City area (uh) (uh) Chris Schroeder is going to anchor that (uh is going to anchor that) territory we’re opening that up, we know we have about 20 or 30 members up in that area and I want to reach out to you so Chris has stepped forward and he’s touching base with people up there right now. (uh) New area governor for the for the Gainesville/Villages/(uh)Ocala area is a Meribeth Culver and (um) got that going, John Schneider down here in our Panama excuse me in our (uh) Port Charlotte (uh) Punta Gorda area doing well and we’re having some conversations (uh) in the Marco Island.Naples area soon to announce (uh) hopefully a new Area Governor down there and get that rocking and rolling. So we’re having having a good time really loading up on the events and now you’re going to see multiple events on the same weekend same (same) dates so you have things to choose from all across the state. (um) Let me tell you about the Annual Dinner, we opened the Annual Dinner last Friday, we have 80 spots (uh) if you think you’re going to go to the Annual dinner you have about (uh) five or six more days to buy tickets at $55 then they go to $75 but let me let you in on a little secret they’re only maybe 20 tickets left to the entire event so if you’re putting it off you’re thinking about it don’t think too long because once we’ve sold out the 80 spots it’s done. It will be at the Florida aquarium in Tampa we have exclusive use of the of the aquarium on the evening of January 21st and we’re looking forward to it Russ Garvey, our Senior Board Member has done an amazing job securing the location, getting the details worked out, the hors d’oeuvres, the dinner, the whole nine yards. What an event and we have the whole facility exclusively to ourselves on the evening of the 21st of January Saturday. (um) On that date also the Officers, Board of Directors and Area Governors will be meeting from noon until three o’clock a location yet to be determined but we have about a three hour planning conference on that date looking at 2023 and things we want to accomplish we also are working out track days we’re talking in fact tonight while I’m videoing this at eight o’clock tonight I have a meeting on track day and I’ll give you more details as a as I dive into that but we’re excited about expanding that and making some things happen, so got a lot going on (uh) carding we’re (we’ve we’re) implementing a Motorsports planning team so we should be able to address opportunities across our Motorsports from car drives to [Music] (um) Autocrosses to Rallies to Poker Runs (uh) Karting, you name it anything that has to do with a driving event we’re going to have (uh we’re gonna have) a special team set up to plan nothing but that across our (across our) state across our territory so looking for some really cool things to happen (um) I know we’re going into the holidays and I’ll just say we’re in the middle of the holidays, hope you’re doing planning be safe as you’re out traveling and doing things with with you and your family it’s sort of crazy this time of year with all the visitors in town so just be safe as you do that. We look forward to having a great holiday season and wishing that for you and yours but we got a lot of things going so pay attention to the details cars and coffees and those kind of things so, until then we’re going to say, happy motoring as always and we’ll see you soon thanks.

Stan Dale
President, Florida Suncoast BMW CCA


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