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Hey there, just wanted to  say “hey” …
Happy Motoring…

Stan Dale
President, Florida Suncoast BMW CCA

Hey guys, Stan Dale, President of Florida SunCoast BMW Chapter. Hope you’re doing well, just past Thanksgiving, hope yours is a great holiday (uh) and hope (uh) get time to spend with the family. Hey a lot of things going on, let me first of all say congratulations to Justin and Courtney up in the Panhandle put on a great (uh) Panhandle Fall Drive, a driving tour the other day and last weekend and had a bunch of folks out so just really opening up stuff up there. Those guys are working hard, give them some attention up there get out to those events. It’s really the only way we’re going to build that Chapter of presence up there in the Panhandle back and these two guys are really working hard for you so (uh) show them some love (show them) some attention, get out and take part of their events. Hey we got a lot of things coming up, this weekend (uh) two big things going on. First of all it’s (uh) the Gulf Coast Autocross (uh) on Saturday and Sunday so Saturday is the test and tune day (uh) out at the out at the Gulf Coast Autocross here out just outside of Fort Myers and if you’re into that process we’ve got (um) Harold and all those guys are out there just taking care of us so (uh) if you’re into Autocross come on down take apart, It’s a beautiful beautiful layout good long track so you can really get some nice speed and it’s very very very very testing so come on out and take part of that. This Saturday is the Historics Race at Sebring and we just closed off that list (uh) we’re heading out with a just a bunch of folks. Gonna have a great (uh gonna have) a great Saturday. Two touring groups are coming, one start in Fort Myers, one coming down from the Sarasota area and a bunch of other folks driving in independently but we’ll do a track drive on. We’re going to have some folks that have never been to Sebring before (uh) they’re coming out. We’re feeding everybody, at our expense and so it’s going to be just a great day. I got a couple of surprises. Scott Collins and a couple other guys may bring their cars to our paddock for us to sort of take a peek out and enjoy so (uh) just a lot of things going on there for this weekend, big weekend this weekend, so take in the Gulf Coast (uh) Autocross, if that’s your thing and if not if you’re part of the Historics. We’re looking forward to seeing those folks. Next weekend, starting the 11th Tallahassee Cars and Coffee on the 12th is the Jacksonville meeting up in Jacksonville area get their meeting on the scoreboard on the 12th on Sunday afternoon so take a look at that down on the RSVP list. On the 14th (uh) it’s (uh) Rob and Kerri are just doing a great job up here at Tampa/St Pete/ Clearwater area at the OCR Roadhouse. I’ve got a lot of positive feedback and just in the last couple of weeks for folks that have gone out (uh) to see that (um) and (and) be a part of that. Rob and Kerri just doing an amazing job so it might be a motorcycle place but it’s (it’s) not the Hell’s Angels guys go take a part and see what this amazing facility and they’ve rolled out the doors to us so go take a part the food’s great they have a private dining, have amazing parking, lighting the whole nine yards. I think you’ll sort of be impressed, so give it a chance, go take a look at that so thanks (thanks) to (uh) to Rob and Kerri for (for) knocking that out. On the 18th (um) we and we have two Cars of Coffee on the 18th in Tallahassee and Fort Myers (uh) Cars and Coffee so always take a look at that and just right before we get into the Holiday (the) On the 18th, also up on the North side of Tampa (uh) Kevin Tipton has put together another, just phenomenal driving tour. We’re going to start this at (uh) BMW of Ocala is our (is our) host start station there and then we’re going to take about a 48-50 mile drive out through some really nice roads Kevin’s got this thing all mapped out and lined up and you’re going to end up at the Don Garlits Museum. How many times have I driven by the Don Garlits Museum looked over and go man I like to go through that one day. Well Kevin’s got it lined up and we’ve got some great pricing to get in there and then lunch will follow that, so just another great Kevin Tipton driving tour and I know Ted Kadala, who’s up there (uh) our (our) Area Governor for the Ocala area stuff is working hand in hand (uh) with Kevin to put this together so go take a part of that see what it’s all about (uh). For those folks in the Sarasota area the SRQ is canceled for December, it’s right on the Holiday so it doesn’t make sense to put anything together so December is canceled there at that’s the BMW of Sarasota Cars and Coffee event so we’ll push that into January and see where that goes. Hey, we got elections coming up look for that information that’s being pushed out. We got nominations that are open for a period of time for (uh) for if you’re considered, want to be considered for some (some uh) some volunteer work with the Chapter. We certainly need really good talent. We’ve got amazing talent but we can always use more. So get your name on the list. If you’re interested in doing something like that give me a call, give me an email and we’ll talk about it (um). From my family to the BMW family, I hope your Holidays are everything you expect them to be. I hope you (hope you) get time to spend it with family and friends (um) but it’s (ah) it’s time to reflect on what’s really important to us in life (um) and so regardless, happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas whatever the application (um). I wanted to go out to your family from ours. We appreciate all you do we love the feedback (uh) hopefully we’re doing the things that you want to do and if not tell us about it and we’ll be glad to try to roll it in. So (um) until next time, Happy Motoring everybody, see you soon, bye now.


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