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Hey guys, Stan Dale, President of Florida SunCoast BMW, hope you’re doing well. Hey coming to you this evening just to let you know hey we’ve got a ton of things going on this coming weekend. (uh) Three big events, one starts up in Jacksonville Al’s, putting on the drive going to Flagler Beach and to the Martin Restaurant about a four decade old restaurant so last call get in that drive. There’s a meet up and then a drive to the restaurant. Kevin Tipton has a drive out in some of those curvy roads. famous curvy roads Kevin finds (uh) out in the middle of state (uh) the Bimmers (Bimmers), Bends and Brews (uh) Saturday morning so (uh) get the RSVP in tomorrow for that (uh) tonight tomorrow or tonight (uh) for that and jump on that bandwagon and then finally down in Sarasota (uh) for Saturday we have um the Caffeine and Gasoline from eight to ten and then we’re going to head over to Ceramic Pro for tours some goodies and (uh) and lunch at Ceramic Pro just around the corner there in Sarasota. So see all the things going on we got a bunch of stuff going on getting ready to go on up in the Panhandle down in (uh) throughout the area picnics, car shows, all this good kind of stuff that’s coming up so want to get want to get signed up for that down in the RSVP’s down below. But here’s what I want to talk about tonight and I need to do a. sort of shout out. call out for the shout out and call out I we’re getting ready to go and set up our track day at The Firm and so I’m looking for (uh) certified (uh) instructors. We’re putting together a novice class, intermediate and advanced group and so (uh) calling all instructors BMW instructors. certified instructors so that we can put together and offer a field very broad for for those folks. There’ll be some incentives and things going on but I need to know who’s an instructor who could be available in February of 2023 as we set up this (uh) as we set up this car clinic at The Firm up in North Florida. So (uh) hit me up. just send it in through our information or you can use my email address right there on the on our website just scroll down see my contact information, you can call me, text me, send smokes signals, (uh) pigeons, whatever you got to get the word to me that you’re you’re certified and (uh) and you’re willing to help out there so I’m trying to put this thing together so we can get the initial roll out done in just the next week or two and then next week here it is we’ve been talking about it, next week is the initial roll out for the Daytona drive-on. November the first (and first) Saturday in November we’ll head up on Friday gather and probably do a dinner of some kind. We should have everything out, look for the original, the initial RSVP (uh) for the Daytona drive-on and then a week after that you’ll see the Sebring piece come out so next week not this Friday not (uh not) this Friday but next Friday you’ll see the Daytona drive on RSVP initial. We don’t know what the ticket price is going to be but it’s pretty it’s a pretty reasonable number, 30/35 dollars 25 to 35 dollars is somewhere in that range is what it’s been so (uh) as soon as we get that information we’ll pass it along but we need to get the RSVP list so we know how to plan. (uh) So look for that get your name on the list it should be a blast. (uh) Driving your car on the Daytona track (uh) it’ll be a blast and then a month after that we’re taking everybody back to Sebring. I think this is our ninth or tenth year go to Sebring and so (uh) get you’ll get you’ll get to drive two major southern tracks sports car tracks in the same state in this within a month of each other (uh) what a neat thing to put on your (uh) windshield those little appliques of I’ve been here done that kind of thing you can tell everybody on Monday morning (uh). Hey what did you do this weekend, well I drove Daytona, well I drove Sebring so (uh) become become the new star in the office or (uh) or in the loading dock, wherever you work. So with that (uh) as always ton of things going on these Area Governors are really working hard to get the events put out there for you, so make sure that (uh) you take (take) a a chance to get or take an opportunity to get on board. Like I said we’ve got all kind of stuff going up. Oh, I think I know about (uh) there might be a Poker Run coming up somewhere up in the Jacksonville area in September so go ahead and scroll down and take a look at that and get your name on the Poker Run as well. Lots of fun, lots of activities a lot of things to do all over our state Tallahassee, the Panhandle ,
Jacksonville, all the way down through Cars (Cars) and Coffees, car shows (uh) we we’ve got a ton of stuff on the slate so get off the sofa get it clocked in and we’ll go having some good time. Hope to see you this weekend, I’m gonna be at the Ceramic Pro (um) Tech (Tech) outing this weekend. I’ll be at the (uh um uh) Gasoline and (cafe) Caffeine and Gasoline (uh) thing early Saturday morning, I think Mario Villar is gonna go with me. We’re gonna run up to Sarasota and spend time there and then we’re going to go over and see take in the Ceramic Pro deal. So I hope to see you there. If I don’t see you there, I hope you’re taking in some of our one of the other events that we’ve got going on and until then happy motoring, see you everybody, thanks

Stan Dale
President, Florida Suncoast BMW CCA


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