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Hey guys, Stan Dale, President Florida SunCoast BMW, hope you’re doing well. Man, been on the road for about two weeks now just got home from Austin Texas. (uh) Been two weeks of just a lot of travel but glad to be back (back) in the home front. Let me give you just a quick update of some things that are going on (um) this coming Saturday in Fort Myers, of course, is Cars and Coffee, we look forward to seeing everybody out there and then (uh) the weekend of the 27th, Saturday week from now the 27th we got it going off all over the country. So I’ll start back up in Jacksonville with a Dine and Drive up in Jacksonville going to the Martin’s Restaurant about a four decade old restaurant down at Flageler up at Flagler Beach and I know that Al is putting that together and (uh) you folks up for that part of the territory come on get on the drive let’s go eat some good food. (uh) Also on the same day Kevin Tipton has (uh) the Bimmers, Bends and Brews, Wesley Chapel area, that’s a drive we have up there for our members. If you’re not a member you want to be a part of that drive because of liability you got to become a member so see our links down below to do all that stuff get it buttoned up real quick and Kevin has a blast. We’re, he I think he knows every curve out in the middle of state, I don’t know how he does it but he puts together some really fun drives out there and they end up at a pretty nice restaurant and talk all about it and it’s fun to watch some of his videos so (uh) jump in there with Kevin a lot of fun and then we’re gonna come down to (um) BMW Sarasota we have our (uh) Caffeine and Gasoline or Gasoline and Caffeine and Gasoline, I think I got it right this time. (um) on Saturday the 27th there in Sarasota at the across from the BMW Sarasota and that morning (uh) where it’s a double event a two or a two-fer, if you will, but you have to RSVP to get on the link for this (um) we’re gonna do our cars our Caffeine and Gasoline there and our normal location come in and Russ always has some great donuts going on there come in and get all that and then (uh) just before 10 o’clock we’re head just around the corner to (uh) Ceramic Pro and Ceramic Pro is putting on a tour for the BMW Car Club our Florida SunCoast Chapter and doing tours, some giveaways and we’re doing lunch there and (uh) they’re putting all this stuff up and (uh) some giveaways and really nice discount stuff that we’re gonna do especially for the BMW Chapter. So Santiago and all the guys that are there with him at Ceramic Pro are rolling out the carpet for us, come be a part of that. (uh) Just a really cool event. We just had a really nice outing at the OCC this past week I saw some of the pictures that popped through right quick while I was out traveling this week and that’s cool. That’ll be coming up again typically the second Tuesday of the month (uh) so a lot of things popping, a lot of things happen the guys up in the Panhandle are getting ready to do some things. There’s some national events that are going on right now, drive events and those kind of things so when you see those (uh) sign up get a part of that if you want to take long road trips those things are coming. There’s a picnic coming up on (um) October the 8th I believe Saturday the 8th (uh) that all the folks there Heidi and Tony and the guys are putting together (uh) I think Al (uh) Halpern is helping us out there they’ve got a picnic coming up on October the 8th (uh) on the waterfront so look for that RSVP. I think (uh) I don’t know if it’s down building the link yet but it will get built in the link but that’s coming up the first (uh) I think the first long weekend in (in) October so look for that and of course the finals, we just got all the stuff final so we’re getting ready to send it out for those folks at RSVP that are on the list (uh) for the Mountain Drive, get ready you’re going to get an email blast in the next little bit, to do that, we’re finalizing the hotel arrangements. Crossing our fingers that we can get it finalized for the Daytona drive on in November so that will come out pretty soon and everybody will get on that. I know there’s some people waiting to get on, I’m getting some emails going hey did I miss it. no you hadn’t missed it yet, just (uh) give us a chance we’re getting we’re getting the final logic put together there and then of course (uh) you’ll watch for the Sebring piece. As we’re coming into the end of the summer and (uh) that’s going to come up on us pretty quick. (uh) Watch for it, we’ll start looking for nominations for Officers and volunteers for Area Governors we’ve got a couple of spaces open and we’re looking for some folks that want to get involved and if you’re new to the area, you just moved down, moved into Florida. I shouldn’t say down but I guess relatively everybody moves down to Florida. If you just moved into Florida we’ll say it that way and (uh) you’re coming from another chapter and you’re active and you want to be active give me a just kick me a note and say “hey, this is something I’m good at something I love to be a part of” (uh) you want to test out your skills (uh) for being a people person come on (uh) we’ll get you involved. It’s a lot of fun we meet a lot of folks and (uh) we put together a lot of events so with that. (um) Hey as I (as I) said last week if you’re sitting on the sofa you’re missing a great time it’s shame on you, so come on out. As we always say, Happy Motoring. See you later y’all, Thanks.

Stan Dale
President, Florida Suncoast BMW CCA


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