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Hey everybody, Stan Dale, President of the Florida SunCoast, hope you’re doing well. Hey it’s (uh) it’s a busy month in April as we promised. Hey we’re coming up (uh) to this this morning when you see this Friday morning just within an hour so hey we’re going to be heading over to (uh) Revs (Revs uh) down in Naples, Florida. One of the top rated car collections in the world so we’re taking a ton of folks over there to enjoy a great walk-through tour and then (uh) after lun- after the after the tour we’re heading out to lunch so if you’re involved with that I’ll see you just a few minutes as they say. (uh) We’ve got a lot going on after Revs this weekend then coming up on the 25th, I believe, we have (uh the uh) Jacksonville (uh) dinner at Olive Garden check that out it’s on the 25th come on down and join Al (join Al) and have some dinner there at the Olive Garden and then on the 29th we have two events on the 29th. (uh) Kevin’s (um) Bimmers, Bends and and Brews at a new place . (uh) I think the Treble Cafe, I believe is the name of it, and then Meribeth has the (uh the)
Meet and Greet up in Gainesville, so both on the 29th right close and right close in the territory so (uh uh) a lot of choices are up on the thing. Hey really exciting let me tell you we have (uh) we’re expanding our Tampa market and (uh) we’re introducing a new Area Governor (uh) that we just we just introduced Meribeth, we just introduced Chris, we just introduced John, but now we’re going to introduce Kyle Jones. So Kyle is (uh) Kyle and his wife Kylie. (uh) Kyle’s going to be the Area Governor for the east side of Tampa the Lakeland side and the brand inside out over on that side of the town. We’re looking at a set of Cars and Coffees and some drives and stuff and we’re going to be working with Fields (uh) BMW right there in Lakeland. So from the Lakeland area into the east side of Tampa we’re opening that part up so (um) Tampa we’re giving you about three or four different shots around the metropolitan area there that you’ve got things to do, so really excited about that (uh) Kyle and Kylie joined us at our at our Annual Dinner at the Aquarium back in January and we’re just real glad to have them here and (um) so opening up that new territory just (uh) just continue to open up opportunities for all of us, so it’s really exciting to to tell you about that. (um) Really excited to tell you some news I just got off the phone, just got off the phone, with (uh) Naples with Germain BMW in Naples, Florida. We’ve had a little hard time sort of lifting up an opportunity down in the Naples market but it looks like (uh) Germain has now popped up and said hey we want to be a part of this, we’re sort of excited and we want to be a part of a chapter that’s known throughout the world as the top chapter in the world. So (uh) I’ll be meeting with them on Saturday about 11 o’clock to see what we have. A lot of offerings, a lot of opportunities and we might come right out of the gate with some pretty big news so I’m looking forward to that. Stay tuned next week and see how that meeting progresses but I’m doing that this Saturday at (uh) at 11 o’clock. So (uh) looking forward to that and I really appreciate the Germain reaching out to us. So just as we do the calendar is really really full. Here’s some really cool news we’re partnering with another car club on the (uh) two weeks (uh) we’ll be at Sebring and it is the Taste of the Track. This is for (uh) folks that are early beginners want to get a taste of the track so we’re doing a track day it’ll be I think Carol will load it tonight or tomorrow sometime as we’re finalizing some information it might already be on the Facebook account but it’ll migrate over to the website but (uh) if you want to get some track time in or you want to go explore getting on the track with your car (uh) here’s a time to do it. No helmets required, this is not a passing opportunity there’s no passing it’s all leader-led but this is a great way to get on the track get your first experience and go from there. I will tell you we have two other track events that the track that the Motorsports Team is working on and (uh) within a week or so we should announce a an endurance race for June (uh) up in the Bushnell area (um) and that’s going to be really exciting. A three-hour endurance race go-karts we’re going to park our cars but we’re going to have a great endurance (uh) opportunity there in Bushnell coming up in June. I believe it’s June 17th the Saturday there and then we’re also working on track day at The Firm so if for serious folks you want to go do some tracking, there we are at The Firm. So a lot to do, take a look at the RSVPs down below all the events and then (uh) hey, like we say, if you’re sitting on the sofa you’re wasting time come on out and play. Until then, Happy Motoring Y’all, see you soon, see ya.

Stan Dale
President, Florida SunCoast BMW CCA


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