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Hey guys, Stan Dale, President Florida SunCoast, hope you’re doing well. Another late night video episode tonight so (uh) before we get started just want to point down below, we have a second interview video tonight. I’m just gonna recap a few things off our calendar, a couple of things to tell you (uh) heads up if you’re doing Reeves or want to do the Reeves or Revs (uh) tour next (uh) Friday the the 21st you have to get your tickets purchased no later than next Wednesday, so if you’re going to go do that (um) if you’re going to go to the museum then (uh) you need to get your tickets purchased by next Wednesday and then (uh) RSVP and let us know if you’re going to go to lunch with us. You can go to lunch without going to the tour or you can do both or you can just go to the tour and skip lunch. Your choice, but there’s a couple of options there for you. (uh) So let’s get that done. (um) Want to say a shout out to all my new friends up in the Forgotten Coast. Thank you to Chris and Margaret putting together the dinner up in Panama City. I really had a great time (um uh) came up, saw Marcus, saw Joe, saw Joseph, saw Rich and the crowd and (and) we got to share the trophy and all that and some dinner so it’s really good to get into the Pan (uh) the into the Panama City area this time. Try to make my way out in the Panhandle and (uh and) visit all of our friends out in that that part of the country. While I’m talking about the Panhandle the Spring Driving tour has been rescheduled it’s early June and I won’t tell you the date but it’s in the calendar I think Carol’s already updated it for us. (uh) Courtney’s getting ready to put that on and we had to cancel because of weather the other week but (uh) spring drive’s back on for (uh) out in the (uh) out of the Panhandle area. So look for your dinners and and meetings and meetups and rooftops and all that kind of stuff down in the (uh) in the calendar. One other thing I’ll talk to you about is (uh) don’t forget Al’s got to drive down to St Augustine coming up, so get involved in that go down and (uh) get involved with that out in the Jacksonville/St Augustine area and (uh) some exciting news, we’re getting ready to open up a new territory, we just opened up Chris and Margaret up in Panama City area (uh) but now we’re talking about (uh) Kyle Jones is going to be joining us as an Area Governor and he’s going to be taking over the (um) east side of Tampa, the (um) Lakeland side from Lakeland in we’re going to take in the Fields BMW on that side of town and (uh) set up some activities on that. So we sort of have Tampa surrounded now so we’ve got the Saint Pete/Clearwater with the OCC and Tony and those folks down there taking care of that business. We got Kevin taking care of the North Side Up of the Wesley Chapel area and now we’re adding Kyle Jones. In a few days you’ll see Kyle’s picture pop up on the website contact information, So we’re just just more events that are going to be on the calendar, so a lot of things to do (um) So with that, it’s just a real quick update I want to just encourage you take a look at the the interview down below with Bob and Sheila, just some great folks we (we) met them the other week up at the Cars and Coffee at (uh) at Sarasota but a huge huge BMW CCA fans and (uh um) in Performance Center advocates those types of things so (uh) Ambassadors so (uh) just take a picture of that and or take a chance and look at the video down below the interview down below I think it’s going to be interesting for you other than that as always we say come on out join us there’s a a ton of things going on and I love that word ton because the calendar is getting really full now, so (uh) thanks for watching and we see you soon, Happy Motoring y’all, see you now.

Hey good morning folks, Stan Dale, President of Florida SunCoast BMW, hey we’re out here at Cars and Coffee at (uh) BMW Sarasota and I wanted to just introduce you to some great friends of mine Bob and Sheila Moran. Bob and Sheila are have (uh) just have a super history with the CCA membership at all so folks. How long have you been members of the BMW Car Club of America? [Bob] Since 1975 for me, 85 for Sheila. [Stan] Wow and I noticed the name tags this morning you guys do a lot of work with the Foundation. [Bob] Yes. [Stan] How long have you worked with the Foundation Bob? [Bob] (uh) We started the program in 2015. We actually had proposed it in 2010 but it took a little while for them to get on board with the idea of having Ambassadors throughout the country to help promote the Foundation and create awareness. [Stan] Yep. [Bob} and in 2015 they contacted us to see if we were still interested in the program and would we headed up so we coordinate all the Ambassadors [Sheila] We have 50 how many ambassadors around the country [Bob] 60 right now. [Stan] Wow, 60 Ambassadors and (and) what’s the (what’s the) goal of an Ambassador for the Foundation? [Bob] So mainly to create awareness among (um) the general public as well as the car club members of the Foundation in general a lot of people still don’t understand what it is, what it does, also to help out with any events that the Foundation puts on trying to get Street Survival into local chapters if they already have it, assisting them and running it, just generally volunteering with anything that the Foundation needs. [Stan] Sounds like a plan, now you folks were chapter members in Connecticut for a long long time and now we can (we can) with a big smile on our face we could say you’re now Florida SunCoast. [Bob] Absolutely, Connecticut Valley and then we started wintering in Florida and we were Everglades chapter members but about two years ago we moved over to Bradenton and became the Florida SunCoast chapter members. [Stan] Yeah and we love having you here (uh) Bob and and Sheila and I have done a lot of counseling on our on our track event dates and trying to get those things set up and (uh) Bob you’re you’re a track instructor. [Bob] Yes. [Stan] Yeah how long have you done that? [Bob] Um, probably, 25 years. [Stan] Wow and Sheila you you’re you’re not (uh you’re not uh) anything (uh) [Sheila] Well I want to tell ladies these track days are not just for men. I’ve done numerous track days myself and you’re treated with a lot of respect and you don’t have to worry if you’re going slower than the rest of the pack they just really embrace women to come out and do these track events. [Stan] So come out and learn your car, right? [Sheila] Absolutely. [Stan] We’ve got those cars, we need to know what they can do. [Bob] As an instructor I want to add that the women are the better students than the men come into it wanting to learn, the men think they know it all already, it takes a while to tell them that they don’t. [Sheila] So come out ladies enjoy your car. [Stan] So (uh) in these interviews we love to find out and learn a little bit about your car. So this is an absolute, when when you, tell me the story, you were celebrating, when you got married this car got married too? [Bob] Yeah [Stan] Is that right? We left on our honeymoon in this car. So what is this Bob? [Bob] It’s a 1980 528i, I’ve owned it since 1983 and it was originally driven by the dealer principal’s wife so I never did a CarFax on it but if you did I might be listed as the original owner because potentially she could have just had it on a dealer plate the whole time she used it. [Stan] Wow [Bob] It was my daily driver for a year I put 36,000 miles on it in one year which brought it up to 60,000 in 1985 and it’s now only has a 111,000 so and a lot fewer miles since. [Stan] And now here’s the really cool thing, you just showed me a pictures of your just as you got married going on your honeymoon yeah it’s published and the car’s in the picture. Yeah Yeah [Sheila] Yes absolutely and if you visit our the Foundation Museum in Greer you’ll see a picture of us on our wedding day with that car. [Stan] It’s amazing, this is amazing. Folks this is why we come out to these these events, we just get to know just some amazing folks (um) and all the histories in (in) the history of this particular car and (uh and) and all the (all the) history and all the involvement of the BMW CCA in all of our chapters and all of our specialties our foundations and everything. So (uh) listen, as we say, if you’re sitting on a sofa you’re burning daylight. From the Morans and I, come on out, let’s play. We’ll see you next time, Happy Motoring everybody, see you soon.

Stan Dale
President, Florida SunCoast BMW CCA


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