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Hey there, just wanted to  say “hey” from Performance Motor Werks’ Lift Day… …
Happy Motoring…

Stan Dale
President, Florida Suncoast BMW CCA

Hey folks, Stan Dale, President of Florida Suncoast, hope you’re doing well. Hey it’s (uh) live Saturday, here at Performance (Motor Werks) in Fort Myers, Florida. Got a bunch of folks out, got cars lined up outside getting ready to come in on the lift. Right now we got a Z1. Tom’s Z1 is up on the rack and (uh) Rick’s (uh) Touring cars getting ready to go in and just pulled in the bay. So (uh) we’re checking them out, most folks never see under the car so this is a great opportunity for folks to come out on Lift Day and sort of take a peek at the underside. Hey we’ve got a ton of things going, just look at our links below, got a lot of activities opening up, all up and down the east coast. Jacksonville area, Pensacola, Tallahassee, up in the Ocala area, Tampa area all kind of events. (uh) are going on, so hey man we’re trying to open it back up. Listen sitting at home doesn’t do you anything, come on out and (uh) and be a part, meet a lot of folks, if you’ve never been out we encourage you to come out and just sort of check it out. We just appreciate our all your memberships and as we continue to grow hopefully we can bring events into your neighborhood. If you don’t see something in your neighborhood let me know, send me an email, give me a call. I’ll call you back we’ll (we’ll) get something going for you so (uh) hope you’re doing well. Hey guys happy motoring, see you later.

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