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Stan Dale, President of Florida SunCoast, hope you’re doing well. Hey I just want to remind you today we have a great interview video just below this one .Check it out from the Cars and Coffee last weekend in Sarasota just a just a nice, not a great friend, nice car check out the interview I think you’ll enjoy it. Real quick coming up we’ve got a real busy month this month some days we have two and three events going on around the state all at the same time. This Saturday we have the Dyno testing program, Kevin tells me we are over 10-11-12 folks already signed up for that so go check that out. On Sunday we have the Cars and Coffees Gainesville and based on the weather report (uh) looks like Meribeth make may make a decision on that Saturday (um) as to whether that’s going to go or not so it’s just before you head out make sure you check the website we’ll give an update to you as to whether that’s going to go or no go based on weather so (uh) good luck hope hope we could do that. Meribeth has put together some really cool stuff up there so we certainly appreciate her. Next Tuesday up in Panama City at just outside of Panama City we’re having the the Forgotten Coast (uh uh) Bimmers&Dinner and I forget what it is Chris I apologize because I just looked at the calendar so much to do but I’m gonna be there. So (uh) bringing the trophy I’m gonna go to Panama City and see everybody up there and let them check out the trophy and visit with some of our new friends in the Forgotten coast and check out Chris and Margaret and all that, so I’ll be there on this this next Tuesday. Then (um) the following weekend (uh) I think or yeah the following weekend (uh) we’ve got a busy weekend planned as well and then (uh) I think we have a Drive to Caps, I think we have three events on the same day. I think we have Cars and Coffee Fort Myers, we have the Street Survival for the Everglades and we also have (uh) Drive to Caps up in (uh) the Jacksonville area/St Augustine area. So check out those events they’re down on the RSVPs, I mean down on the calendar, check them out, pick out something you like to do or a lot of things you like to do and (uh) come on out and let’s play. Remind you two weeks from the day is Reeves – Revs depending on how you want to say it but Revs Institute probably one of the top three or four car collections in the world (uh) it’s a second or third time we’re taking a tour group back should be fun, private tour (uh) I’m gonna be there so come on out not that that matters I’m probably as old as some of the cars there but (uh) come on out take a look and (uh) we really enjoy it and then we have lunch following that so thanks for Mario and Carol thanks for Carol and Mario, I think that’s probably the right order for putting that together and I will do that. I’m going to get out of the way, check out the interview down below we’ve got one coming up next week as well. I think you’ll really enjoy that one (um) and then (uh um) as we say, get off the sofa, come out and play, if you’re not, you’re missing it all, Happy Motoring everybody, see you soon, thanks, bye.

Good morning everybody, Stan Dale, President Florida SunCoast BMW, hey we’re here at BMW of Sarasota Cars and Coffee this morning. What a great turnout, just a ton of folks out this morning all kind of Bimmers, everybody in the parking lot going but I want to take a few minutes this morning to introduce you as a good friend of ours, Devin Baillairge. Devin’s been a chapter member for 20+ years,[Devin] a long time, long time so (uh) we could all relate to the long time frock but I I just wanted to take a few minutes and (and) share what Devin brought in this morning. This is a, Devin, what you got. [Devin] 74 (uh) 3.0 CSi it’s a, it’s really a 3.5, it was upgraded about 20 years ago I’ve had it about a year. [Stan] And it caught my eye this morning when we came in what’s the color package on this [Devin] It’s called Granatrot. My understanding is they made it for two years, I think, in 73 and 74. it’s a pretty rare color for the coupe. [Stan] This is an amazing car folks let me (uh) I’m gonna turn it over to Devin he’s going to take us a little tour but let me let you get a picture of this vehicle right quick before we do. (uh) Yeah that’s, those are those are BBS Honeycombs huh? [Devin] They are, that’s correct pretty rare from what I understand. [Stan] Absolutely, really pretty car let’s take a look see what you got, give us a little tour here. [Devin] So this (uh) the engine was upgraded to a an m30b35 from a from an 87 series about (uh) 18 years ago from what I understand (uh) so it’s badged as a 3.5 (uh) and (uh) it’s a pretty powerful car, actually. [Stam] Wow and (uh) you told me a while ago that (uh) you take this up to The Vintage. [Devin] I took it up to The Vintage two months after I purchased it last May and (uh) it ran well, no major issues other than the antenna was stuck up because it I left it out in the rain one night and it was (uh) it was a sign, I think he wasn’t very happy about that. [Stan] Wasn’t happy with it, tell us a little bit about the interior original? [Devin]l (uh) Not original, it has been redone (uh) sometimes (sometime) back now but everything’s fully functional in this car even the cigarette lighter works and the clock works believe it or not. [Stan] That’s amazing. [Devin] Which is pretty amazing to me. [Stan] Wow. [Devin] It is a sunroof car which is nice (uh) that you know they are pretty desirable (uh) but it’s not a full Concourse restoration on this car. It’s a California car (uh) been to California all of its life until I until I got it last year. [Stan] This is this is really pretty. I told you this morning (uh) that we have several (uh) several of these in the chapter but all the all the ones I know of are the 3.0s [Devin] Yeah [Stan] and they’re all silver so this is the first time I’ve gotten to see the contrast of what a beautiful car it is. [Devin] Thank you thank you. I’m lucky to have it and I’m looking forward to being a good steward to it and (uh um) it’s going to be a fun car to have. [Stan] Well we’ve watited a long time [Stan] We appreciate you coming out this morning and (uh) folks this is what it’s all about coming out just seeing out some of our Legacy cars, some of our (uh) so all of our chapter friends and everything as we come out Cars and Coffee it’s (uh it’s) just a good place to come and meet folks and then we parlay that into other events and and kind of things. So Devin I want to say thanks again man for coming out and (uh) and joining us this is a lot of fun. [Devin] I’m glad I found out about it. [Stan] Absolutely, yeah, so folks (uh) take a look at the at the chapter events down below (uh) go in do the RSVP sign up and do all that kind of things. Remember we got The Vintage coming up, we got the Mix coming up (uh) and we have some other drives and things coming on up. So until we see you next time, don’t sit on that sofa you’re burning daylight. Happy Motoring everybody, see you soon, thanks.

Stan Dale
President, Florida SunCoast BMW CCA


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