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Members of the FSC BMWCCA, on 22 September, participated in a breakfast at a Denny’s in St. Petersburg, followed by a visit to a nearby reconditioning facility – aptly called “Extreme Reconditioning.”

Once there, we received a pretty detailed briefing on all the services they offer, followed by a walk-through of their surprisingly large facility. They are in a small storefront, but the back seems to go on forever. Paint booths, upholstery shop, large work areas, etc. It used to be a MAACO facility back in the day.

Check out their website and see all they offer – too extensive to list here.These outings are great. A great way to stay in touch with friends, meet new ones and learn something new, or find a new service in the process. I’ve already contacted them to do two things for us.Thanks to Dennis and Kathy for organizing these! Looking forward to the October breakfast and Tech Session.To all members: Come up with ideas. Look around where you live, talk to people, find shops willing to do an hour’s tour and submit it to the FSC. Don’t let Dennis do all the work.


If you have pictures you would like to share, email them to

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