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E46 Convertible Top Noise


John Vizzusi




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BMW, BMW325CI, BMW Convertable


Dear Gil,

I’m getting a rattling sound coming from the soft top of my 2005 BMW 325CI. The noise seems to be coming from where the 2 doors windows engage into the rubber at the top of each window. If I roll down windows an inch the noise is gone. I did use silicone spray and that gummy stuff on the rubber and both windows appear to engaged correctly once completely rolled up. I also checked the inside of the drivers doors for loose screws or bolts and everything looks factory fresh. Now once convertible top is down there are no noises at all. Please help me on this one, I here its common on my model BMW.

John Vizzusi


Hello Mr. Vizzusi, the noise issue that is common to those cars comes from the rear of the top, by the top storage compartment cover, not the windows as you are experiencing. The seals that sit above the windows are bolted to the convertible top frame, you should see 2 nuts if memory serves on the inside of the top frame, check to see if they are tight, if they are I would have an upholstery shop look at it. Please let me now if I can help you further. Thank you.

Gil Neves


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  1. Dear Gil,

    Next week I will check the rear bolts as discussed. I don’t understand why when I roll down my windows an inch on each side (2 door) the noise is gone. So what you are saying is that the entire soft top roof when folded in compartment is moving around? I don’t hear anything like that when top is fully down.

    I promise to get back to you on this issue…

    Thanks so much again

    John V.

  2. UPDATE: Gil, I was able to get to the top today and checked all bolts and top controls at rear tonneau cover and I see no issues. I again used silicone spray on the rubber gimp where both windows seal. Driving there is no question the rattling noise is coming from the top of each window and when I slightly roll down windows the noise is completely gone. Its got to be the seal. I’m going to experiment by placing a rubber seal around each window at the top of the glass and see if it seals better. But it for sure nothing at the back of the top. I’ll keep you updated as this one has me stumped.
    John V.
    05 E-46 325CI M-52

  3. Dear Gil,
    My situation is this, when I roll down my windows an inch, all rattling noise is gone! Its when the windows meet at the soft top I believe to be the problem. I have checked all the bolts used gummy and spray silicone on the rubber, checked inside of doors for loose bolts and cannot find the source of the noise. I’m at the point of living with it unless you have any other ideas. Everything on my car outer body is near factory fresh. The top has or have had no known problems. My Local dealership (Fields) wants $80 just to look at it. I even tried to apply extra weather stripping along the door trim to no avail. If you come up with more ideas let me know please.
    John V.

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