E39 Engine Noise

Doug Peale

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Hey Gil,

I’ve been getting a whirring noise from engine compartment with increased rpm as I accelerate in my e39 540i sport 6 Spd.Common issue? I’m local if you need me to stop by.

Thanks Doug


Hello Mr. Peale, it was nice to meet you today. I’ll answer your question again here so that everyone knows. The noise he’s referring to is likely a fan noise. The noise sounds as if the fan is turning too fast, it happens when the clutch in the fan goes bad. He replaced it with a good aftermarket brand and the issue is still there. It is common for even the good aftermarket fan clutches to be louder than factory. I advised him to remove the fan and see if the noise is still there, if it is not then replace the fan with a factory BMW part. Thank you.

Gil Neves