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I own a 1997 BMW 528i A (E39 M52) with 71k miles. Need an AC compressor. Any suggestions; members with parts? Getting OBD error codes 214 vehicle speed sensor, 76 and 201 O2 sensor (I will replace both) and 204 idle speed. Of most concern is 214, as I have just illuminated an ABS/traction control lights, along with no speedo. Likely source/error? Lastly, your recommendation for a knowledgeable independent shop/mechanic in Englewood FL area. Thanks for your help.


Hello, let’s start with the first issue, the A/C compressor, the dealer or OEM part will be the best, re manufactured compressors do not usually last more than a year or two. As far as replacing them it is best that a shop does the work, you need a recovery, vacuum and charge machine that is not available to the public. It is illegal to vent refrigerant to the atmosphere and the system has to be under vacuum for at least an hour in order to get all of the moisture out of it, if any is left in it it will cause the compressor to go bad.

The second issue, codes 204 and 201 are likely related, it is usually caused by an air leak into the engine after the air mass meter, this unmetered air will affect both the idle speed and the O2 senor readings.

The issue with codes 76 and 214 are also likely related, there are 2 main causes, one is a bad rear left speed sensor, the other is a bad ABS control module. The control module failure is very common, to diagnose it is best to have a scan tool with BMW software or one that can communicate with the ABS control unit. The issue is either the sensor has gone bad and the ABS control module uses the speed off of the rear left sensor for the speedometer, or there is no signal going from the ABS control unit to the sensor, if that is the case the sensor will not work. ABS control modules are common failures. Again this is best done by a shop, if the module has to be replaced it will have to be coded and the brakes will have to be bled with a BMW scan tool.

Lastly, I cannot recommend any in in Englewood, but I can recommend a shop in Venice, their name is Horst’s Bavarian Motor Works, 941-484-7455. I hope I was able to help, thank you for the question.

Gil Neves


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  1. Many thanks for the comprehensive and prompt reply. I have made an appt at Horst’s for the topics noted. I hope to meet you at the Sebring luncheon on January 12th.

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