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This is from the Disney “Dream Cars” show over labor day weekend at the Dolphin Hotel this year. It was over 200 cars mostly muscle cars and custom Hotrods and my little white BMW. I decided to give the wife a long weekend rest at Disney over Labor day, and noticed they had a car show that weekend as well. The show was from 9AM until 4PM in the Dolphin parking lot in 95 degree heat. We almost left more than once when someone came by to ask us to make sure to stick around and took down our tag number. So at the end of the show of over 200 muscle cars our little white BMW won Best In Show. No one could beleive it. I am holding the trophy in this photo which is a statue of Mickey Mouse by the way.
I now just tell people that I went to a “Mickey Mouse Car show” recently and instead of a T-Shirt I got this instead – pointing to the trophy.
Frank Mann

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