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Frank Edwards







Hi Gil. I wasn’t sure what category this might come under (Electronics? Engine? Transmission?) so I chose General.  Yeah, a cop out, but problem solved. 😉 Q:  Is there a relatively simple way to defeat the speed limiter on my 5 Series? Background:  On my Toyota Supra, it was possible to pull a fuse and disable the speed limiter (it also disabled other components, of course). That car was limited to 155 mph normally and I would occasionally hit the limiter on track days at Sebring. (Particularly when I had the boost turned up to 23 psi!)  I’m looking for a similarly simple way to do the same thing on my new car.  Can you help?


Hello Mr. Edwards, what year and model is your car?

Gil Neves


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  1. Doh, I should have included such basic info!

    It’s a 2021 M550i with pretty much every option (I bought it off the lot and it had the options I wanted, with a few I didn’t care about).


    Frank Edwards

  2. So it’s been a few months… No progress on figuring this out? I could really use some information before a track day coming up in November…

    1. Hello Mr. Edwards, the only way to disable the speed limiter will be to have a “tune” installed. There are a lot of different companies that offer it, however, if installed it will cancel your warranty with BMW. When you install a tune it will log the serial number in the control unit, even if you remove it later. Once you go to the dealer for a warranty claim, they will look at that log, if there is a serial number in it that does not match the BMW list, it will void the warranty. Sorry for the delay. Have fun at the track day.

      Gil Neves

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