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Courtney Jordan







2013 128 Convertible (E88) exhibits an intermittent rattle in the right rear quarter area. Scan with Schwaben tool reads DTC A688/Not Present. CVM: “Fault in coding data” and DTC A692/Not Present. CVM: “Hall sensor, convertible-top compartment lid locked.” CVM has tested good. Seems to be a problem with confirmation of the lid locking sequence since it only rattles on occasion. Mechanism works perfectly otherwise. Where to look next? Thanks!


Hello, I have seen these codes appear a lot without there actually being an issue present. The first thing I would do is try to locate the source of the rattle. I would also look at the date screen where it shows the status of all of the switches. Make sure that all of the status actually match the top position, I would try this while the rattle is there. Is there an accident history on the vehicle? In my experience convertible top issues on the 1 series are not common. Please let me know what you find. Thank you.

Gil Neves


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  1. Dear Gil and Courtney,
    You may remember I went through this a year ago with my 2005 BMW 325ci Cabrolet. It took me months to find a solution. I did not have any codes. First I thought it was glass shake so I went to my door panels to make sure bolts were not loose. Your suggestion of looking to my bolts on my convertible top, nothing found there. I had a severe rattle on both left and right with top up. Here is my solution:
    You can find it on Amazon, comes with a built-in cap brush.
    Directions spread a thin layer on all top and bottom weather stripping. The points where the top meets the body are important here. Put the top down half way and slab the paste on the posts where the convertible top meets the governors and posts. Make sure you lay down rags underneath as this stuff tends to drip. I have a canvas top so I don’t know about hardtops. Once top is in the up position let it form a seal for 24hrs. Make sure you don’t see dripping of the paste as in this Florida heat it tends to melt rather than cure fast. You will notice a immediate difference in the seal of the top. And all rattles will be gone. I’m going on now a year after my problem began and I have zero rattles. I have since checked the silicone and its still sticky. This paste stays somewhat wet. It will not dry hard. I searched for every solution you could ever think of, less the dealer telling me I needed a new top or a complete re-adjustment. I saved hundreds if not a thousand bucks with a small jar of Silicone Paste. Also be aware DO NOT USE Silicone Sprays, it lays down too thin of a layer. You need the paste. If I knew your address I would come and do this for you. Good Luck, John V. (Apopka)

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