BMW models did well in the recent rankings by Consumer Reports for reliability and durability. Check the complete list from Consumer ReportsNew cars: A to Z

New Cars Make/Model - A to Z Index - Consumer Reports

Shopping for the best new car? Consumer Reports tests, evaluates, and compares the latest new cars

“CR’s Recommended models are noted with a check. To earn our recommendation, vehicles must have performed well in CR’s tests, have average or better reliability, and, if crash-tested, provide good overall crash protection based on our composite of insurance-industry and government crash tests. Vehicles also must not have tipped up in the government rollover test or, if not tested, must have available electronic stability control.”
Here is the BMW recommendations:

BMW 2 SeriesModel overview  |  Road test
BMW 3 SeriesModel overview  |  Road test
BMW 3 SeriesModel overview  |  Road test
BMW 4 SeriesModel overview
BMW 5 SeriesModel overview  |  Road test
BMW 5 Series Gran TurismoModel overview
BMW 6 SeriesModel overview
BMW 7 SeriesModel overview  |  Road test

BMW M3Model overview
BMW X1Model overview  |  Road test
BMW X3Model overview  |  Road test
BMW X4Model overview
BMW X5Model overview  |  Road test
BMW X6Model overview
BMW Z4Model overview  |  Road test
BMW i3Model overview  |  Road test
BMW i8Model overview

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