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James Bottini







Apologies if this is repeat question(s). Own a CPO X5M 2018. Considering ceramic brake pads. I do NOT track car or drive like I stole it ( most of the time), appears prior lessee drove it a bit hard. Not concerned about brake dust as it gets at least weekly baths. I would do this when time to replace rotors. Your recommendations?


Hello Mr Bottini, congratulation on the purchase. If you do not mind the brake dust I would recommend sticking with the factory brake pads for better performance. I have spoken to the manufacturers about this very question. I have been told by the manufacturer of the factory pads that they have tried to come up with a ceramic pad compound that would be as good as the factory but with less brake dust as that is the main complaint for the fatory pads. They have told me that the ceramic compounds they have tried do not have the same braking performance and for that reason they are not going to be selling them.

You could try the Akebono Euro Ceramic, it is a very good brand but do not expect the same braking performance. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance. Thank you.

Gil Neves


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  1. Personally I believe EBS Reds are the only way to go for Incredible, predictable stopping power yet very gentle on disc swept surfaces. Friction properties/stopping power pretty much equal to OE, Cool Carbon, Pagid or Hawk. Quite possibly as close to ‘dustless’ as possible. I’ve been using EBC RED’s on all my BMW & Porsche streetcars, Sportbikes, and ORANGE on the Porsche racecars for more than 20 years with nary a complaint. Akebono is OK I guess, but not a brand I’d ever consider using.

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