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BMW S52 Front Crankshaft Tool


Colby Hossler






Crank seal installation


Hello Gil,

In the midst of an S54 engine rebuild. Attempting to install a new crank seal. Only issue is tool 83-30-0-491-055 is not in available  anywhere within the US dealership network, with a lead times of 3-4 weeks from Germany. Attempted the work around with using 48mm without success. Any guess to wear we could secure this tool for purchase or some sort of loaner option worse case?

Colby Hossler


Hello Mr. Hossler, I have searched and also have found the actual tool at FCP Euro, here is the link: This is only the 11 2 385 part of the tool, it is the part that pushes the seal into the front timing cover.

You can get the cheaper version here:, however, this is looks to be 3D printed.

The last option is to go for a universal tool such as this one: It may not fit as well as the original but is more useful in general.

Personally, I would choose the original, it is more expensive, however, it will do the job when used properly. Please let me know if I can offer further assistance. Thank you.

Gil Neves


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  1. Hey Gil,

    Thanks so much for looking in to this matter. We tried the essentially 48mm socket work around without success. Difficulty in providing equal pressure with a mallet to insert the seal without it bunching. Ordered the tool, good news we can finish rest of engine build while waiting.

    Thanks again for diving in to the issue!

  2. Hello Colby, my pleasure. The mallet method is very hard, the tool will make it much easier and hopefully right the first time.

    Gil Neves

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