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BMW Navigation Update









Upgrade/update Navigation2017 330i. I have been informed that  vehicle uses the newer EVO ID5/6 Maps and these maps can only be updated by installing a LifeTime Activation Code using an ENET Cable connected to a Windows Laptop with internet. Is there another option?  Best option for Navigation updates?


Hello Mr. Robert, my apologies for the delay. The best choice will be to purchase it from the dealer. It should come in a USB stick, you should not need a laptop or cables at all, it should also come with the code. You insert the USB in, location varies, and in the IDRIVE you should get a prompt to enter the code. Once the code is entered the update starts. If you get the lifetime code, you will use the same code very time you update. The USB stick has the map files and the load file in it, you can get them without the code if you have the lifetime code.

While there are other non-BMW ways to do it, they are not recommended. The main reason is that you have to find the map files yourself and if they are corrupted, you will create a large issue with the IDRIVE and navigation systems. You will also need to find a code online, not as easy as it sounds. I hope I was able to help. Thank you for your patience.

Gil Neves


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  1. Gil’s advice is well advised here. Unless you are very computer savvy in downloading to thumb drives…it is a chore. Even worse if you Apple user.

  2. Gil
    Thank you. Helps.
    With the option to use ApplePlay, the wife may just go from Android to an iphone and not use the BMW navigation. It was an $1800 option that she wanted, and $500 for each update is ridiculous.

  3. Dear Gil and all.. hopefully I won’t get banned for life from the group but I just have to chime in. This is a ripoff of all ripoffs. And the euros are getting as bad as Amercian auto manufactures. Google maps and Earth are constantly updated and I use my Android Cel phone connected to a Dension (Austria) Bluetooth device hidden behind my BMW Business Radio and CD Player. Yep, I have no screen to look at except my phone which fits neatly in my cup holder center console. Now I know at this point many are laughing.. John, wake up to the modern technology you probably are all saying… and Sony sells a nice 8inch touch screen that can be retrofitted into my 2005 BMW 325CI Cab for around $500.00. And its probably better that a modern BMW Smart Screen same Android 9 features etc. But I don’t want it, why? Being from San Jose and working in Electronics in Silicone Valley and being from the same blood that invented Google, Apple, IBM etc. I don’t trust the electronics. Never have never will.. In a car especially controlled computer-wise to many vitals. For whatever reason we all need a giant screen showing how to back up a car with the cheapest micro HD camera you can find. Just like our old laptops we throw away when they become unresponsive, we will do the same with outdated smart cars. Don’t get me wrong its great having navigation especially when I’m scouting Locations for my next film but to pay anyone to update a map is just plain criminal. I still carry hard copy maps in my behind the seat compartment. Now I hope you all got a little chuckle out of my comments as we all need to laugh a little today. Hopefully I can drive my “Silver Bullitt” soon to a meet and greet and you can all marvel at my no display dashboard. My best to all.. John V., Filmmaker and Bimmer owner at large (Apopka)

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