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Tim Bromley







Hey Gil,

How’s it going my friend; it’s been a while. Hope this email finds you well and that your business is flourishing in the this NY!

I have a problem that I need your help with and I think you’re just the guy that can help me figure this out. My M2 came with the performance exhaust and as nice as it is the loudness factor is too much for me. At my age I like things a little more subdued. So my question is what options do I have with stock BMW parts. I’ve even heard from others that the standard M2 exhaust is loud too. So I’m thinking is there any difference in the M240 exhaust for example and if that is too loud, how about the stock mufflers from the 435i?

What will fit. I have the titanium quad tips o. My performance exhaust which only has 5100 miles on it. Will those tips fit on another exhaust or will I need to use the tips from the new exhaust I end up with?

Main question is what options will fit? I just want to take it on road trips without a drone at 3000 rpms. My wife likes the car but hates the noise and to tell you the truth I’m not happy with it either.

Thanks my friend, again it is just a real privilege to be able to get advice from such a great source. You really provide such a great service to our membership and I can’t thank you enough for your most valued time!


Hello Mr. Bromley, all is well here, hope the same is true for you. As always thank you for the kind words.

As far as your issue is concerned, I have to let you know that if the car is still under warranty I would consult the dealership as the exhaust change may void the warranty. If it does not and you want to replace the exhaust please let me know the vin # (Ask Gil will not re-publish your VIN #). You are asking for the opposite of most people, most people want it louder, therefore that leaves less options. I will need to do some research. Thank you for your question.

Gil Neves


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  1. Hey Gil,

    I hope this is the appropriate way to answer you – my vin XXXXXXXXXXXXXX. As to voiding the warranty – it’s an option and the previous owner ordered the option. It comes stock wit a different exhaust so I can’t see why that would void the warranty. Not only that – it’s called a performance exhaust but it does nothing to
    effect the performance of the car as it adds no HP. It’s merely a noise maker.

    I am going to get my oil changed on Monday – the dealer has a special for $49. I’m changing my oil twice a year per your advice and as the pre bmw paid service list says to do. I will inquire about the warranty but I’m very sure going to a stock bmw exhaust will not void the warranty but I’ll make sure and get back to you.

    Thank you very much for being willing to research this issue. I trust your judgement and ability on this matter. I’ll be back in touch Monday. Thanks so much for your time.

    Tim (hey you know you’re supposed to be calling me Tim…:-)) I appreciate you!

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