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This is a follow up to my last about the M2 optional performance exhaust. I talked at length with Ocala BMW about this issue and here is what was said. The stock M2 exhaust comes with a single pipe that has a resonator that quiets the sound and then goes on and attaches to a muffler and then to two tail pipes. My performance exhaust has no resonator and just goes from the header back and splits in to two sections that go into either side of muffler and then two pipes come out fitted with two dual tips. I asked if I was to interject the resonator offered on the stock exhaust and put it into the pipe as it goes back would that void the warranty on the exhaust system? Answer: No it would not. If however I was to use a non-BMW part it would void the warranty on the exhaust system but only the exhaust system and not the whole car warranty. That’s good news to me.

Only problem I have is that I have to buy not only the resonator but the whole pipe along with it for $500. So I’m pondering whether there may be a dismantler that you know of where I could get that resonator for much less and have it installed. At least it would be the official BMW part and therefore shouldn’t void the exhaust warranty.
So I guess my question is do you know of a dismantler that might have that or should I get another resonator/muffler that I could splice into the line and achieve the reduction in sound I’m after?

As always Gil, thank you so much for being there for our group. I really appreciate your time.



Hi Tim, I have dealt with Quarry Motors in Naples a lot, they are very good, here is their info:
There is another place called Bimmer Guts 417-483-4757, I have dealt with them a couple of times.

If they do not have it, it will be a matter of going on places like eBay and other BMW dismatlers and see if they have it. I anticipate it will be a hard part to find due to it being a newer car and the demand. Good luck.

Gil Neves


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  1. Thanks so much Gil- you are such a pal! Really appreciate you. I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

    I do have a question of you – do you know of another company that makes a “silencer” type of muffler similar in size to the bmw “resonator”. Problem I’m having is what is a “resonator” – i mean will that resonator actually quiet down the exhaust noise?

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