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Raul Brignoni







Hi Gil! Got your reference by Stan Dale at our last cars and coffee at the BMW dealership in Lakeland a couple weeks ago. I have a 2001 330i since new, we did a whole overhaul to the cooling system, intake, all gaskets and we went to a trip to the Vintage at Hot Springs North Carolina. After a week of the trip the car crank for a long period of time and shows the Yellow lights for the DSC and Brake also with a P0339 Crank Position Sensor code, I just installed a brand new BMW sensor from FCP, The problem still. The car has 145k miles. Vanos has not been done yet. I need your knowledge and help! Thank You!


Hi Mr. Brignoni, I have a couple of questions, can you send me the VIN number for the vehicle? It just helps me get information on the vehicle. Secondly, was that crank position sensor in a BMW package? Some of them are advertised as being OE but are not, aftermarket sensors are a huge problem with failures out of the box. Did you clear the codes after replacing the sensor? If so, are there any codes that come up after the replacement?

As far as diagnosing, the only way to do it properly is by using something called a digital oscilloscope, which allows you to see the signal from the sensor to the engine control module, without it you can look at engine RPM in the scan tool if there is no RPM, the sensor could be the issue. Please let me know. Thank you.


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