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BMW 91 850 pillar covers


I am looking for inside pillar covers for a 1991 850ci. Is there an aftermarket source and does the dealer still stock these? I would prefer an all plastic piece rather than ones covered with cloth. Thanks


Hello Marty, the parts are available from BMW, just call any dealer with the last 7 digits of the vin # and they can order it for you. As far as aftermarket, no one makes them, but there are businesses that sell the original BMW part. If the issue is with the cloth coming off of it, any good upholstery shop should be able to recover the originals. Thank you and good luck.

Gil Neves


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  1. Marty,
    Gil is correct in that you are better off finding the original part. Cloth or leather parts are difficult to find as OEM so local shops can work well. Congrats on a great model: a 1991 850Ci.

    I acquired a 1991 E34 M5 in 2006 and set about slowly restoring it with dealer supplied OEM parts, local expertise. When I worked for BMW dealers, its was the parts department with highest profits. I moved so then had to find another parts source. Our local dealers are VERY proud of their parts.

    Thru the Roundel Magazine, I hooked up with a BMW parts person at Passport BMW, later became Special discounts for BMWCCA members. This web site does state “Save up to 35%” and that was my experience. I would use to find the part number then email Vince what I needed. Last contact with him was April 2018. The web site is up now.

    Try sending Vince an email with your BMWCCA member number and last 7 of your VIN.>

    Vince Maimone
    Online Parts Advisor
    240-695-5398 Local
    855-805-9679 Toll Free

  2. Hey Bill
    Great lead. I will contact Vince on Monday

    My son and I restored this 850 from salvage with right front damage. I’ve changed the power chip which eliminated the 156 mph governor and timing. Must use 93 octane but added 30 hp and about the same torque.

    On the dyno we stopped at 176 mph but had more red line. Took it to a track day at Texas Wirkd Speedway. It performed respectfully but not like the little lightweight cars. 3rd gear changes the throttle response and shift points and easily got to 145+ on the straights. Lots of good comments from other drivers except a Porsche Gt3 who said it didn’t belong on the track.

    Still enjoy driving it. .

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